Jerseys, again.

I asked last season with little result, was hoping to receive a response from a member of the team and got nothing.

Where can I get +size jerseys (3XL,4XL) I have checked store sites of other teams and it seems there is no real consistancy in regards to offered sizes. The Roughriders offer both 3XL and 4XL and Bombers offer 3XL, why can't the Tiger-Cats not offer one as well. I can fit into a 2XL but I prefer wearing bigger longer fitting jerseys. In all honesty if you want my money and I am sure you do please tell me where I can get one.

I was able to track one down a few seasons ago, at the center mall location (which I am not sure exists anymore) but when I went to Jarvis St. I was told "The jerseys are not offered in that size" which I know is untrue because if the Riders offer then Reebok would make them for Hamilton as well.

I mean c'mon they make jerseys to fit 280 - 300 lbs linemen with pads on so I am sure they have enough fabric to make em. Appeal to the fatties out there..we are fans too.

This isn't really uncommon in all sports, to get a bigger size Hockey jersey I'd have to order from the US..I mean c'mon there is something wrong when I have to buy a CANADIAN hockey sweater from a store in America.

Even if Reebok has the capacity to make them, they will probably only do so when a batch is ordered in sufficient quantities. Sounds like there is enough demand for Rider jerseys in big sizes that the vendors figure it is worth their while to offer them.

For what it's worth, the Ticats section of appears to offer jerseys in size 3XL. Not sure whether that is a website error, or whether they will actually fill orders in that size:!REEB

Have you considered a offensive lineman's game worn Ticat jersey? The Ticats usually have a number of those available for sale.

The cats 280-300 lb linemen do get jerseys that fit them but have you ever really tried one on? I am 235lbs and their jerseys, without pads, on me are so tight. The linemen jerseys are tight so that no one can grab on to the extra fabric.

Even if you buy a game worn from the ticat store, I guarantee that it won't fit you very well because they wear them so small and tight.

I am simply hoping for a Ti-Cat store to get them so I can try them on and what not, so that I know. My last jersey I had for a bit before I had it crested, but I was able to try it on, find out what I like.

Ordering from maybe not such a good idea for that reason.