Hi there. I’m looking for a Men’s away Ticats jersey. The Adidas ones. Preferably blank. Size 2XL. IF anyone has one they want to sell, please contact me. Thx. And OSKEE WEE-WEE !!

You should check out the new era ones, as the sleeves look much better. The Ticats road jersey is amongst the best away ones in the league but Adidas really botched up the inner sleeves with all that white material where black should be as on the game jerseys.

I would love to buy a New Era one, but I’m looking to save money. Hence why I’m looking for an Adidas one.

I always recomend buying from a team supported outlet.

if you do not have the budget for this you might have success at this website.|GMC|pla|1660931651|62956754854|451999188|pla-296557785071|024058020003|CA|jack99888|c|2|&utm_source=pla&utm_medium=GMC&utm_campaign=jack99888&utm_term=451999188&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpsjM-d_A4gIVU1mGCh3VpgH3EAQYAyABEgIRlfD_BwE

Where can we get team jerseys with players names on them?

The Tiger Cat store at the stadium, south east corner has them, or if you have a blank one, they will crest it for you. Cost was $70 for cresting last year, jerseys were $119.00, I think, and there is sometimes deals available on pre-crested ones.

Just a tip, the black home jerseys are hot in the afternoon sun.

Edit - You can also purchase on-line through Ti-Cat web page, shop option, jerseys are $129.00, and you phone to arrange cresting.

yesh…just priced that out. Cresting is now 80 per jersey…nearly $1000 for me to buy 5 jerseys and have them crested (and that’s buying 3 adidas sale jerseys for the kids)…wow.

I think I have an old, barely worn Reebok Dyakowski away one that I’d be willing to part with if you are still interested.

thanks…looking for a specific name and number :smiley:

I think he MAY have been talking to me. But it’s a no from me too. But thank you for the offer.

So after a long search, I found an away Adidas jersey on eBay for $40 !! Brand new with tags. He also has the home black jerseys too if anyone is interested. Not sure about sizes though. I’ll still have to pay to get it lettered, but I get 10% off with my Ticat debit card. So it’ll run me $115 total for a jersey. Not bad if I do say so myself.

So the Chinese or Vietnamese are creating knockoff Ticat jersies now?

We’ve hit the big time