Hey everyone. I'm looking for a Ticats Jersey in last season's style. Preferably with name and numbers on it. I'm either a size XL or XXL. If you have one for sale, please contact me.

Cheers & OSKEE WEE WEE !

I heard that all of what remains of last year's stock is at the Ticats downtown office at 1 Jarvis Street. The store at THF only has current (2016) stock. I'm not sure what they have, but I think it is worth a call 905-546-2287 to ask.

8) Mike, there is no longer a store at Jarvis St. !! All of last years stock is sold out !! :D

The website store is selling them clearance. They only have small and XL available. No name and numbers though.

[url=] ... ack-jersey[/url]

Great price! I bought a small one for myself (I am always hesitant towards women's jerseys because of my, ahem, proportions) and my younger brother tried it on and it fit, so he bought one too.

I believe the Tiger-Cat store at the stadium has cresting services available. Maybe they could add names and numbers to your old stock jerseys? I would expect there would be a fee for doing it, of course, but it might be worth a phone call?

Lids locker room does cresting. I think I paid $70 for my Owens #2.

It's 70 at the Ticats store as well. They can do glue-on right there at the store, or they can send it to Jarvis St for stitching.

So I called the Ticat store, and looked online, but theyou only had size Small left. Ugh ! I saw one in Lids, but they wanted full price for last year's jersey. Gonna keep looking. I'm ok with paying to have one crested, but I can't afford $100 for the actual jersey.

Took a jersey to the store yesterday to get done, and I guess they don't do stitching anymore, just the heat press.

The new jersey is so badass.

[url=] ... 96002.html[/url]

So I went ahead and ordered a Ticat jersey from the link above. Hope it turns out good. I got an NFL Jersey from China and it looks amazing! I'll post pics when it arrives. Can't go wrong for $50 I guess.

So I ordered a jersey frim the DH Gate site. Came to like $50. Overall I think it's pretty sweet. Some minor differences to the actual jerseys, but nothing too drastic. I'm trying to figure out how to post pics.