Jersey sales question

When you buy a jersey, I know the teams benefit more if you buy it directly from them rather than a third party vendor. What I am wondering is, if you buy directly from any of the teams, do players benefit at all for selecting a specific player and number? If so, does it vary from active or retired players.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

The players do not benefit at all, either active or retired.

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That is too bad. There should be a way that a player who becomes very popular and increases sales for the team to get some benefit. It would support the players more and perhaps do more to encourage players to be visible off of the field as well. I would see this as a win for the teams, the players and the fans.

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If you buy something with a players name or likeness they MIGHT put a small fee into the union pension fund or somesuch but I'm not sure about that. I don't think that the player gets anything directly but I THINK that the union gets something for all the players. Don't quote me on that.

I would think that a certain set percentage of anything with a players' union name on it would have to go to the players' union pension fund the same way that a certain percentage of the price trading card companies pay to issue "not bubble gum" cards goes to the players' union.

And don't all the fines levied by the CFL for on the field infractions go into the players' union pension fund?

Are you sure of this?


If you buy from the team I would guess they benefit from any profit above the wholesale, licensing fees for trademark (team logo) and the CFL/CFLPA licence fees.

So yes, the CFLPA benefits from merchandising sales collectively. The problem with players benefiting individually is...somebody else owns the logo and trade marks.

I've been to our shop at the stadium in the past and sometimes there's a Bomber or two hanging around to encourage sales. There must be something in it for them right? :smiley:

Maybe they get an appearance fee? Or perhaps they're sweet on the salesgirls?


Don't think the players get anything. They used to as part of getting a portion of all revenues generated before they very foolishly bargained that away about a decade ago.