Jersey #'s assigned for Training Camp

Where is Dylan Barker?

Moose Jaw?

Im pretty sure he said he wanted #20 and its still available so..idk

The team will always give a guy any available number within the position they play.

The rules for number use per position are less strict in the CFL vs. the NFL. In the CFL I think the only real number rule is that OL players have to wear numbers from 50-69 because those numbers cannot touch the ball other than fumbles etc. Positions like LB and DL are about the most wide open and can be any number pretty much. ie. NML wearing #9

It's possible that he hasn't signed a contract. Sure we drafted him, but that only gives us his rights.
I believe that until he has signed a contract he can't be added to the roster, so stay tuned - maybe he will be the guy wearing #20 when camp opens!

It is actually numbers 42-69.

I don’t He signed a Deal yet …
I don’t any of our picks have…