Jersey Numbers

Does anyone now why Fabio Filicecame out to start the game as number 93 change his number back to 60 for 2 plays and then back to 93 at all.

93 is an eligible reveiver's number.

when he lines up on short yardage situations he comes in as a tight end and has to wear a receivers number

Ya but Filice is not a receiver. He is a offence of lineman

You're missing the point: he lines up as a tight end to put more muscle at the line of scrimmage. However, he's still in a receiver's position, so he has to wear a receiver's number.

Edit: I have to admit, I love the idea of an "offence of linemen". Wouldn't that be cool? It would be the slowest, hardest to stop offence in the history of football.

Switch our recievers and linemen around? lol

Donnelly also wears 95 for the same reason. Last year three linemen wore such numbers:
Bakker 97
Hage 93
Donnelly 91