jersey numbers

any1 know when they are gunna be given out to our players?? when will we find out whos wearing what?

Methinks about 3 weeks before training camp - gotta give the tailors time to sew on the names, eh?

I don't think it will be til after TC. I mean some guys change numbers mid-season. Sometimes they just throw a number on you during TC and if a guy is wearing "your" number during TC and he gets cut you switch before the season starts.
Sorry a bit confusing but don't get your jerseys until week 1. It would $uck if you got an 88 Cavil jersey and he switched to 82 after the pre-season.

It als doesn’t matter for me - my #82 jersey will not have Flick’s name erased…

Its a MAN LAW!

You can't wear the jersey of a player that once played for your team unless he has retired in the case of Darren Flutie or is a Hall of Famer in the case of Mosca!

Oh and you can't tape over the name either cowboy up and get a new jersey!