jersey numbers

give rocky 18! maby he’ll be our next peyton manning

imagine how fun it would be to hear/make chants of 'ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY' comming from IWS, if he turns out to be, not only a starter, but a star!

the ticats can introduce the team to the rocky theames...eye of the tiger, and fly high now.

haha yeh, iuno now that i think about it maby its not such a bad trade..if he does turn out 2 b great

There is only one number that Mr. Butler could wear. The only problem is that it would be sacrilage for him to wear it.

Any gueses?

Maas should take back his #12 he wore in Edmonton you could tell he was struggling to get used to #11. I guess just another wardrobe malfunction

The way things are right now, his choices are almost limitless :wink:

Blitz, are you saying 13 year vet MM should give up his number?

Yeah...18...Manning wore it at Tennessee as well, where their "theme song" was...ROCKY TOP!

Kind of fits, eh?

Do you think Morreale will be playing? I'd say this is a nearly perfect time for Morreale to retire and perhaps take a job as a Receiving Coach.

MM wont be in ticats plans this season... kinda see it coming

Why does any potentially retiring veteran get suggested for coaching positions?

lol, yeh danny mac for OC!! Amerson for receivers coache. lol

It's not any retiring veteran. It's the ones that know how to play the game that get suggested. Would you not think Morreale could be a Receiving Coach? People respect him, he sure as hell knows what he's doing. If he retires, it would be a big plus for the team to take a look at him for a small-role coaching job (like a receiving coach)


For Rocky? 0.

I win, post-facto. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

good call blitz21 - re-signed Mike today