HI there,
Just got my first Lions jersey (3rd version) but it's blank. Any recommendations as to who puts on the sewn letters/names that match the team? Cheap but quality is what I'm looking for.
Thanks in advance.

what ever you do, dont have number 81 and the name plate saying "MR. LUUUUUBE"

get a player thats underapprieciated like mark washington, angus reid, or tyrone williams.

I read the topic wrong. You should just call a bunch of hockey stores, alot of them have machines that iron on letters and numbers.

You can send your jersey to and they will do it for you. They are a sports retailer in Winnipeg. Also, Gameday Sports in Richmond Centre will supposedly sew it on for you with the authentic BC pattern. Good luck.

If you're ever on the mainland, go to Jersey City at Guildford Mall in Surrey. They can do authentic sewn-on lettering for you. Be forewarned though, it will take 3-4 weeks.

There used to be a Jersey City in Victoria too. Their quality was pretty good.