Jersey issue

Hey everyone, I have a question / issue. I recently got my new jersey crested @ the team store, and noticed that the 16 on the front isn’t centered, and the shoulder #'s are too far apart. I am not impressed. Does anyone know if they can remove the #s and recenter them ? Or should I complain to the store and see what they can do for me ?

STORE…for sure

If you paid full price…for sure the store, if it was highly discounted then perhaps the incorrect placement of the numbers was the reason.

Hey everyone, should I post anonymously on the internet to a bunch of people who can’t fix the problem, or should I take It back to where it was done and express my displeasure and get them to fix it? I’m really stumped on what direction I should take.

  1. LOL, mycko75 :smiley: :D.

Strange, whenever I buy anything, I check the item over very carefully first to check for any
imperfections !!

Just common sense I think !! :slight_smile: Oh well.

I’d say take it back, escalate to management as high as you need to, then email a bunch of executives with your issue. No resolution to your satisfaction then by all means Social Media as much as you want to warn off others. Don’t do business with them again. It may be your only recourse.