Jersey embroidery / great old school Hamilton eateries

Hey there folks looking to get a Reebok ticat jersey embroidered, does anyone know of any decent places around town that have done good work?

Get the team to do it.

Perfect job on my Timmis.

The Reebok ones have the white out line around the numbers and the new era ones are a solid yellow, I guess I will call them up and ask them if they still have the Reebok numbers

Would it matter? Put the new era letters on your Reebok.

I had 3 Reebok jersey with my 13 letter last name on them. 1 of them was a Youth jersey. Never had an issue, they were always happy to accommodate.

I went into the store to get a new one as my son is getting bigger. The guy said “No”, 12 letters is the limit, and refused to budge on the issue. Its an extra “L” on the end. It fit on the old jerseys, what’s the difference?

Incredibly random and odd.

So they won’t do my “heyticatswakeup” jersey. Disappointing.

There goes my “KINGOFTHEKONCOURSE” idea.

Haven’t lived in Hamilton for almost 50 years, but is Kenesky still there on Barton, or the shop that did the Mac jackets? Sam Mason still exist? Probably a reputable sports shop would know of an embroidery shop?

Mr Uniform Tony Creeka on Barton St they have been serving the ticats for years he is a great guy ! Had my jersey done there A1

Kenesky’s closed in 2015.

Sam Manson closed in 1994.

A movie at the Capitol, Palace, Tivoli or Century, followed by a snack at The Chicken Roost. A lot of Saturday night “dates? or a night out with friends in the 60s. Later it was bands at The Grange or Duffy’s before we could drive to Toronto, Buffalo, or Niagara Falls, NY.

A lot changes in half a century.

…and Diamond Jim’s for a “show”?

What if someone wants a Sean Thomas Erlington jersey?

Would need to wear shoulder pads, maybe old time shoulder pads, for most of us to get the width? :slight_smile:

Maybe just an over exuberant new kid? Try calling the office or your ST rep if you got one, seems like something a higher up could rectify for you.

x 2

That is the frustrating part. lol.

I’ll be reaching out to the office to see what they can do.

It wasn’t a young kid running it either. He said it would be too squished to fit on the “panel” and that if it “looks like crap, I won’t do it”. The attitude was what threw me the most.

When I bought the first 3 in 2014, I ordered them through the store in Limeridge, “no problem, its just 1 letter, we can make it work”. I figured going to the Official store would be the same experience, but then again, 5 years can change a lot of things.

Too squished to fit on the panel ? Seriously ? It certainly doesn’t look too squished to me , not to mention that STE’s jersey has 15 letters as opposed to you wanting 13 .

This according to him looks like crap ? Sorry I’m not buying what you were told . I’d be getting a second opinion if I were you .

^^^^Like I said, most of us would need shoulder pads to get it all on there. Or, smaller letters.