Jersey City

There was a flyer in the paper today from Jersey City at the bottom of one page it said in large print official store of the CFL or something to that effect. 90% hockey some baseball and nfl merchadise but no CFL merchandise what gives ? Anyone else see it?

The Jersey City stores in Regina have CFL stuff.

When I bought my Esks jersey it came from Jersey City in Calgary.

winnipeg doesn'e have jersey city, we have a local company called river city sports. I was in the main store just the other day and they had next to nothing in CFL gear. other then some riders GC shirts. Thats why the bomber store is so awsome. We got jerseys from all teams, helmets from all teams, and they offer alot of customized deals.

Try these guys. They are in Chilliwack. Lots of good CFL gear.

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My favorite store for CFL stuff is the Rider Store.

I know where to get stuff I just find it odd they never had a stitch of merchandise in it for the CFL and yet advertised that they the official store.

Who cares really. It is better to buy CFL stuff from your teams store. Supports them directly

It’s pretty lame if they call themselves the official CFL store yet have little to no CFL gear.

From what I can remember here in Regina, the last time I was in Jersey city they had a fair amount of CFL stuff.

I’d suggest phoning in and letting them know that they should be carrying more CFL stuff, not in a rude way but just to let them know, maybe they’re clueless.

This time of year, Jersey City and Game-on Sports in Edmonton both have alot of NHL and NBA stuff relative to anything else. Both do generally have some Eskimo gear at all times though, particularly jerseys and about a dozen different styles of caps/tuques. I just bought a 'coaches tuque' like the one Maciocia wears!

The Bomber Store really is the place to get your CFL gear in Winnipeg.

I think he meant the national print ad specifically. One would expect CFL gear to be a good percentage of the merchandise pictured.



I was at West Edmonton Mall this weekend and noticed that they have a new Jersey City store in phase three and they had some CFL stuff (lots of riders 2007 Grey Cup championship gear and Eskimos stuff). It's the CFL off-season and Jersey City does sell other leagues stuff. The NHL is in it's play-off drive as well as the NBA. MLB is a week away from statring. Come end of May, CFL gear should certainly be in stores. Remember RBK comes up with new hat and t-shirt schemes every year.

A friend of mine was looking for Riders stuff for Christmas (not for him, as he wouldn't be caught dead in Riders swag) and couldn't find anything at Jersey City ... but when he asked, he learned that if was because they couldn't keep the stuff on the shelves. True, GC champions stuff is different from other CFL stuff (especially for the riders), but I was impressed just the same...

I heard from someone that Tom Sheppard told them Rider gear sold better than the whole rest of the league last year! As I said I heard this as a third party so I can not confirm it.


I wouldn't be suprised by that. They seem to have lots of Riders stuff in stores here in Edmonton.

There were actually a few weeks when the official Rider Stores in Regina had bare shelves too. It was hilarious :smiley:. I went to check out the store in a mall, and they had a security guy standing right outside the store watching because the lineup was out in the mall walkways. (This was back in October as well as November)

So it wasn't just other retailers like Jersey City having that issue.

Those vehicle flags and licence plates are available just about anywhere you go in Regina or Saskatoon, but I'm not sure about in between and around. Someone else has mentioned before that Petro Canada's across the nation have CFL gear. I was in Med. Hat and I saw jerseys in the one on the #1 highway. Nuts.

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