Jersey Auction

After last nights poor excuse of a Ticat football game you'd have to pay me for one of those jerseys!


really,who would want to be seen in a jersey like that.It would just remind us of how we got our butts kicked.


My Tiger-Cats wear black. Not sure who that was last.

Did you see Office Techie's reply to my question about the accuracy of the sizing of the jerseys? Ranek and Belli both wear size 44. They must be made in some off-shore sweat shop! :lol:

Pile them up and burn them all. The jerseys I mean, Not the players, that would be a waste of lighter fluid.


i noticed that every size is 44, except the QBs who have biggers sizes with size 46, and i noticed that all of the unactive players were listed as Defensive Ends on the website, imho, bob young should purchase all of the uniforms, donate the money to the charity, and allow the fans to burn all of them.

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