Jersey Auction, Call It

I kinda started this thing in the other thread.

I was thinking, since this year it seems there might be a few of us getting jerseys ($250 starting bid) I was thinking if we call it here, we can (hopefully) all get what we want. See, if 3 of us want the Calvillo home jersey for example, then by calling it here, the first person goes for it and the next 2 should try and get the other jerseys so we aren't competing against each other for nothing. It doesn't guarantee that other guys at the stadium won't be competing against you, but I figured, since we're friends here and true fans, why not make sure we all get what we want without fighting over it and making ourselves poor in the process. It would suck if 2 of us were fighting over a home jersey at $350 when nobody is going for the away at $250I think money in our pocket is better than in the Als right.

I'm REALLY want the Cahoon 3rd jersey. Man I've been wanting a Cahoon jersey for 4 years now... this year I finally have the cash aside. PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE :slight_smile:

Guys forget the black one the Game Worn one (the real one), they cannot use was made by Puma and Reebok is now the they cannot use it...

We only have 3 jerseys and that's it... red (home), white (away), blue (home)

Any of you guys going after M.Proulx, M.Vilimek & T.Strickland game worn shirt, will have to answer to me ! I'll probably beat you in the Big O parking lot after the auction, when no one is watching ! :wink:

all 3?

I'm speaking for me and 1 buddy here...he wants M.Proulx, and will get it at any cost !

Me the 2 other ones...even if Strickland is a FA at the end of the year...I'm taking a chance here...and Vilimek is just an all-around nice guy with the fans :slight_smile: And probably the best FB we had over the last 10 years...(better than Heppel IMHO).

Man, I really don't know... I'd like to go for Edwards, Calvillo, Cahoon, Stala, Karikari, Butler, Stewart and Philion.

Would you think the Als would give me a "Buy two get one free" promotion?

Making the trip to get the Robert Edwards jersey will bid $400 for it. Probably on all three of the jerseys.

You'd spend 1 200 $ to get all three Robert Edwards jerseys?

no, i would spend $400 dollars each for the three jersey's. 1,200 total. So i would spend a little bit over a 1,000 american for them which ain't bad.

Guys, got to remember not all football fans read CFL board, or, we still might get an outsider bidding on these shirts...

I would restart that thread maybe a week before the Al'S locker Room visit, and try to coordinate it with the 2 other sites...

Anyways, its pretty hard to coordinate if two guys really want the same jersey. They won't just let go because someone else said it first

where does the money go from this auction?

The als or charity?

If this goes for charity, shame on you guys! :roll:

The Als are always looking for an extra buck so I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes in their pocket.

Do you really thing the last reg season game at the Big O is about the FAN DAY like they say?


It’s about CASH DAY!

Molson Stadium: 2100040=840,000
Olympic Stadium: 50000


Yeah, what did they do for the fans on that day? Except maybe throwing us useless gifts, like that "I love eggs" towel I used to wipe my puppy after he ate his first moist meal. On Fan day, they did not even field a team.

Yeah it was TEAM day it was FAN day! LOL!

We basically missed the whole first quarter becuase of all the junk they were giving out. All EG related. First it was the cheap towels, then came the water bottles (yeah Love Eggs Waterbottle... try selling that on ebay!), Then came the football foam heads and then the mini footballs (at least those were cool). The whole time, all the people are trying to get the junk and in the meantime we are getting killed on the feild.

What I hate the most about the Big O is that instead of having FANS there, you just have a whole bunch of kids who couldn't care less about the seriousness of the game. We lost and lost 1st place, yet most had no idea. Sad.

Of course, on that given day, we also had a bunch of players who couldn't care less about the seriousness of the game. Perhaps we were the only two serious guys in there Marty.... hummm...

never mind

B U L L S H I T ! :smiley:

You did not even show up! And I must say I'm pretty glad you stayed home, because that Edwards 3rd jersey looks really good. So happy I'm the one who left the building with it.

By the way, among our fellow huddlites, MartyMix got Cahoon's red jersey and XGamer left with Strickland's blue one.

A few other members of were there and bought Proulx's, Durden's, Edwards's red and white, and Stala's.

There was a guy there with too much cash who left with Calvillo's red and blue ones as well as Cahoon's blue jersey. He was set to pay 1000$ for each.

We couldn't fight. He had a bazooka and we had swiss knifes. Eh well, next year!

Congrats man. I got stuck coaching a playoff game. we won :lol: . Happy to here you got it, maybe next year my team will tank it so i can head up there. If they lost to the Argos i would have made it, but i take and Als victory over a trip to buy the Edwards jersey any day. Any chance it goes on ebay, hahaha

Depends. If that 1200$ is still available, I could part with mine. :wink:

Hey, congrats on that playoff victory. Was it the championship game or semi?