Jerry Rice Jr.

I'm kinda thinking we'll see this WR up in Canada soon following Duron Carter's lead. Bounced around NCAA, didn't play much and now having FA tryouts in the NFL. Baltimore liked him a bit but didn't sign him, now try out with San Fran. Wouldn't be surprised to see him up here.

Rod Black can't wait. disappoint me with your predictability. Presumably this tired refrain will now form the basis of discussion on this player.

Just getting it out of the way. :wink:

Honestly though, if he wasn't Jerry Rice's kid, would we care? How many guy NOT named Rice go down a similar career path but don't draw any speculation because their last name doesn't ring familiar?

I have to agree with CRF on this one,on both points,could you imagine if the Al’s signed him to go along with Carter and Johnson ?? I would probably boycott any Montreal game on TV this season if Rod Black was one of the play by play crew for that game.Rod would be having mini orgasms all game and driving us all nuts fawning over these guys like a teenaged school girl with a huge crush on the high school QB. :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Pedigree is important. It doesn't always mean the progeny will have the same level of talent as the parent(s), but it shouldn't be ignored either.

The guy should be given a tryout if he's deemed worthy by scouts. If he makes the team, that's great.

:roll: we all dread that day

Another faded star pulling strings for his no-talent kid to have a vanity tryout - - these kind of embarrassing sideshows are becoming all too frequent. We're talking about a receiver who never had 100yds receiving in college.

Never had 100yds receiving in a game...never had 100yds receiving in a season...never had 100yds receiving in his ENTIRE college career.

Just like when Joe Montana's kid got a "tryout" with the 49ers last year. He was a terrible QB in Division II - - what possible hope did he have of playing in the NFL?

I have no issues with some of the all time greats being given the courtesy of throwing their kid a bone, especially when it is kind of like a thankyou from a club that they had such close ties to...even if there is little chance in it.

He mentions Canada in this Like someone who isn't good enough for more then 0.5 catches per game in NCAA stands a chance.... He better try AFL