Jerry Rice Jr. signs with Als

Rod(RED)Black is pitching a tent right now. :wink:

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hope he does well.. except when he plays Hamilton.

and I agree Grov. Rod is insufferable when he's talking about Steve Tasker's son. imagine him with the son of the greatest NFLer ever?

Doesn't sound like great numbers:

Rice Jr. (5'11", 185 lbs.) most recently was a member of the Washington Redskins. He tore his labrum during the team's 2014 training camp and was waived by the team this past May. The Atherton, CA native also had NFL workouts with the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers following his college career at UCLA and UNLV, where he played his senior year in 2013, catching 11 passes for 66 yards. The 24-year-old completed his collegiate career with 20 receptions good for 135 yards in 20 games.

But with his pedigree, who knows? One thing for certain, is just because pop was great doesn't mean son will be as well.


Did you know that Jerry Rice is his father?

so true. either way welcome to Canada and don’t judge the rest of us by the pea soup eaters please :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

If he plays in the league, Rod will remind us repeatedly, no doubt.

[quote="Grover"]Rod(RED)Black is pitching a tent right now. :wink:

Maybe at that point it just becomes comical. I didn't mind Rod so much the other night. I just keep picturing Ron Burgundy whenever Rod speaks and it makes it all o.k.

When we play them Oct 18 look out, Rod will fall over himself if both him and Tasker play…

I feel sad for Rod (Red)Black that Duron Carter is no longer playing in La Belle Province. It would have been the perfect storm for him. A real trifecta if Rice, Carter and Tasker were all playing in the same game. The only worry I would have is that he may have squealed (like a girl) to death. Luckily that won’t happen and Roddy will still be with us (at least until TSN figures out what a nincompoop he is).


That wouldn’t be Jerry Rice Sr would it?

Why yes it would. :smiley:

“Jerry Rice, of course, a hall of fame receiver. Spent most of his days with the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL.”