Jerry Glanville - and refs: "NFL stands for 'Not For Long'"

I like Jerry Glanville. I like his frankness. He doesn't hold much back. He'll tell you what time it is. I wonder if he's mellowed a little or if he still plays refs like a fiddle.

Watch the video link.

After 4 games, Glanvilles Defence is ranked 2nd in the League,
not bad for a 1st year rookie CFL Defensive Coordinator! :wink:

I think Glanville was the Head coach of the Falcons when the NFL Films crew caught an exchange between Glanville and a sideline official . Jerry disagreed with the zebra’s call and suggested the official’s job security would be NFL (not for long) if he continued making bad calls.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I just noticed that the title of my thread was changed toJerry Glanville - and refs: "NFL stands for 'Not For Long'"from Jerry Glanville - Not For Long. Is this a regular practise here where the mods change the original title of a thread?

This guy has TiCats Defense written all over him! 8)
Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is in the building!

Good pic, Grover. He looks like the angel of death in that black mink! Except we need to shop that red thingy around his hat and change it’s colour to yellow!

Great find on that picture Grover. It brings to mind when Paul Weiler, the previous Pigskin Pete, wore a fur coat.

  1. Shucks.....I remember the original Pigskin Pete, Vince Wirtz, who was eventually replaced by his
    son, Bill Wirtz !! :smiley:

They were the best Pigskin Petes by far, followed next by Paul Weiler :slight_smile:

I was pretty young when Bill was Pigskin Pete and although I was around when Vince was, I was not to far out of diapers when he handed the reigns over.