Jerome Messam

Je trouve que l'attaque au sol des Alouettes ne va nulle part avec Messam comme demi.

Certes, les jeux sont soit mal dessinés, soit mal exécutés, mais il me semble que Messam ne réussit pratiquement jamais à faire son chemin, à être une menace potentielle lorsqu'il court.

Il réussira un ou deux bons jeux par partie, mais sa contribution est plutôt décevante.

L'attaque des Alouettes est déjà assez faible comme ça, on a besoin que notre jeu au sol soit capable de gains significatifs avec régularité. Ce n'est pas ce qui arrive avec Messam. Pour comparer des comparables, Cornish réussit à faire son chemin même s'il est aussi un coureur en puissance. Il a tout de même assez d'accélération et de vision du jeu pour créer ses occasions. Ceci semble totalement absent du jeu de Messam.

J'estime que depuis le temps que ça dure, Speckman devrait avoir réussi à améliorer son jeu. Ce n'est pas arrivé.

Messam is what he is, strictly a north/ south runner with no ability to make a quick move to the outside if the hole is jammed. And even more disappointing is the fact that I find he lacks acceleration hitting the hole.

Having said that there is no creativity to the Als running game, very easy for defenses to fill the box and stop Messam up the middle. Cant understand why we arent using Sutton to add some diversity. And that is why I am disappointed in Berry.

The team is also missing Woodward and Flory. Ola and Bomben at least in the running game have struggled. Bomben in particular keeps getting pushed back by DTs.


That's where a guy like Phil Blake would be huge for us. When he shows up he will slide right in one of the Guard positions.''

Bourke, Woody,Jourdain,Blake,Perret is one massive oline.

I like Messam, his brute strength has stood him well in bashing through opponents defensive teams. He is powerful in screen and other short passing situations. He generated 50 yards in two receptions in our last game. These figures stand even though he fumbled at the goal like.I hope today's QB uses him again in this role.

Especially if we play Reilly. If we don't balance the offense and we let them on the field he's quite capable of putting up 400 yards or more.

Oui, mais il ne gagne pas de terrain au sol. Il réussira un ou deux bons jeux par partie et sera invisible pour le reste.

You can say that about most running backs. Whitaker will return for the playoff, fresh and healthy so we will have options.

The line hasn't done a great job of run-blocking in the past few weeks. We seem to be having particular difficulty on the right side of the line. The best back still needs a seam at the LOS. I don't think Messam is the issue here (except for fumbling, but honestly, which QB, receiver, KR, or RB on this team hasn't put the ball on the turf this year?).

The problem with simplifying the playbook: simpler plays, looks, and formations may be easier for a young QB to run, but they're also easier for defenses to defend. This is part of why the running game has gone moribund. We have maybe 3 run plays that we're using right now. Draw play out of shotgun, counter out of shotgun, and end around to Bruce. For enemy defenses, not much to defend, especially when the young QB isn't zone-reading effectively on the handoffs. If Neiswander can get better at pulling the ball down if he sees the DE crashing on Messam, it will force the DE to stay honest on the play and open up space inside for Jerome to run.

I too have noticed the overuse of the 3 plays as defined in DP's above post. Perhaps the team has too simplified the offense for Neiswander. If the running attack is only Messam, the defense has the edge. We could benefit the offense by utilizing some play action- the QB appears to hand off to Messam but, he might pull the ball and throw outside or, utilizing Bruce in the running game. In the last game Bruce's end around was not too good. Again pulling a Mesam handoff would draw in the defenders giving Bruce more space to get around the end. Plays that feature the QB going wide after a Messam fake might also induce a receiver to have the time to come back to get a Neiswander throw while running right. I say, lets not stick to just the basics as we have been doing. The result of a basics only strategy produced only 21points last game. I also would to have the QB run option in plays that are going wide. In reality, the addition of another back giving the offense one more option would be wise. Unfortunately we have to wait for Whitaker as Sutton has looked good only occasionally, but if we involve him more perhaps Sutton would lift his per game average to some degree. Again, the offense has had a week to prepare for the upcoming game and, a movement away from " just the basics" is expected. I also believe such tactics would be also helpful to Messam as the defenses could think twice before organizing a defense to stop him and, the receivers would also benefit.