Jerome Messam traded to Alouettes

The Edmonton Media confirms the Edmonton Eskimos have dealt Runningback Jerome Messam to the Montreal Alouettes.

Awaiting for more details.

Links, please.

Its being reported that Edmonton gets a low draft pick in return for Messam. This trade is clearly a cap space move for Ed Hervey & the Edmonton Eskimos. More details to follow.


Chris O'Leary & CFL NEWS via Twitter.

Thank you. The next time you post stuff like this in the Als forum, include your source in the initial post.

Dave Naylor "RB Jerome Messam traded from Edmonton to Montreal for a 6th round draft pick".

Jerome Messam est maintenant un Exkimo. :lol:

Les Alouettes se donnent des options au cas où Whitaker s'en irait.

Ou encore, Popp veut amener de la compétition à Diedrick. Messam pourrait être le centre-arrière qui court alors que Lavoie pourrait être celui qui attrape.

Messam a été sérieusement blessé au genou. Il sera intéressant de voir dans quelle forme il pourrait revenir.

Je me souviens qu'à sa première partie comme Eskimo contre les Alouettes, il n'avait pas particulièrement brillé. Mais il avait été impresionnant le reste de la saison. Je demeure songeur sur ses qualités de bloqueur, cependant.

Your trying to confuse us again ConfuciusStaf :slight_smile:

Désolé de ne pas avoir réussi... :wink:

If it doesn`t work out with the Als, Messam can always become a rapper:

Jerome Messam ?@JMessam
6th round pick they said, not the same back they said!....Just needed time to heal I said, now its time to get real I said! #watchoutCFL

If Jerome Messam makes under a $100k a season, this is a steal for the Alouettes.

Which begs the question why would the Eskimos let him go for so little? Character? Injury issues? This wasn`t your former GM doing the deal.

It`s like passing an alley and somebody offering you a Rolex for $100.

Great addition.

It costs little and has a high upside; very Popp-ish move.

Bad knees and Meniscus surgically repaired twice and he’s a big ego. I just hope he can block…

Herb reports that the Esks may have already paid Messam his signing bonus, making the deal too sweet to pass up, besides being low risk. If Messam can't perform in training camp, he won't survive training camp.

AS Hfx noted, he in injury prone, could not make it in NFL. I have some doubts about this fellow- training came[will demonstrate. I would prefer Whitaker with good health. He seems to want the NFL but, his injury status should wipe this out.Nothing to lose by bringing Messam to camp.

Just hope that Messam injury is a non-issue; there is and always will be a need for a good non-import RB. I wish that it won't be voided,due to injury,as the Mike Labinjo trade of 2010.

I still can't imagine that Edmonton traded this player for only a sixth round draft choice. I also can't imagine that Edmonton has cap issues,as Herb wrote.


Either his knee is finished or they had no plans to start him and knew he would not be happy in a backup role.

The Mike Labinjo trade was in 2011 and not 2010.