Jerome Messam signs with Dolphins

No bonus money but still forces Tillman to go looking for a RB.

Messam is much too free spirited to last any amount of time in tne NFL... Quite frankly, he is too free spirited to even be in the USA.... He honestly stands a greater chance of getting locked up in a US jail ,then he does of making the Dolphins.... In no way I am I condeming Messem... I am condeming a racist military state , where if you do not conform, you stand a 10 times greater chance of being incarerated then in Western Europe...

So in Canadian English, you are saying that his weed consumption could lead him to joining the 6 million people incarsarated in the US. :lol:

Eric Tillman will most definitely try to sign/sign RB Stuart Foord from the Riders; he is no Messam,but I say that he will be an Eskimo,along with Andy Fantuz, in a approximately 75 hours from now.


Edmonton loses Ray and now Messam. Looks like it's gonna be a rebuilding year in Edmonton.

or possibly Avon Cobourne who was recently released by the Cats.

He was 4th in rushing last season and an asset in blocking capabilities.

The Fins didn't give him a penny up front. This is more like a tryout. He could be cut before making it to spring camp if they draft a RB. Tillman could take his time with this.

.....The way he ended the year with a badly injured knee. i'm very surprised...He must have rehabed well...The guy is a phsical specimen that's for sure but i'll be even more surprised if he sticks.. :roll:

A partial tear in a meniscus is not a career threatening injury.

....was enough to end the season for him...AND they also have some BIG hitters down there in the US of A...I hope he's not just training camp fodder :roll:

Why not??? He's Eskie property... a little humble pie may do him some good!

am I the only person that would rather be a CFL star than an NFL bench jockey?

Money talks when you're a young man with a life time ahead of you and your best bet to make a lot of money is now, even if they only pay you to sit on the bench.

No, you're not. Many players turn down NFL offers to stay in the CFL too. I guess to each there own, but I'm with you. I'd rather be playing in any league, than not be playing.

Having said that, Messam will definitely be back in the CFL. He's just pissed away a season of CFL football. No player who goes down to the NFL ever comes back to the CFL and regain success immediately. There's a reason for that. Ask Andy Fantuz.

Has Messam officially signed with the Dolphins as of yet?

The article in TSN states he is mulling over the offer..

[b]ESKIMOS' MESSAM MULLING OVER OFFER FROM NFL'S DOLPHINS[/b] "Edmonton Eskimos running back Jerome Messam has an offer on the table from the NFL's Miami Dolphins but has yet to officially sign any deal."

The only "deal" he will sign (if he signs at all - thanks for pointing that out) would be for a training camp tryout. There will be no guarantees I'm sure.

Sounds like he is using it to renegotiate his deal with the Eskimos. Smart kid.

The article has been revised from what it said at 1:30/2:00 am CST when I first read it… The original article said he had signed with the Dolphins - hence the confusion.

*Let me clarify this by saying I was not pissed out of my tree when I was first read it…

Hfx you have made two excellent comments on this matter.

If the Dolphins sign him, it's an interesting move for their backfield for sure. I have to say given their existing roster that I am somewhat surprised the Dolphins signed Messam instead of other teams who could use a big back in their running back committee.

With Reggie Bush now the prime back in Miami and also playing in the role he should have been in all along unlike in New Orleans where he did not fit into their spread offence, and for which New Orleans secured the superior services of Darren Sproles, Messam would offer short yardage power and some relief for Bush on the hard yards such that the Dolphins will implement again a solid backfield by committee so to speak.

The Dolphins also have however also big back Daniel Manning (no relation to the famous Mannings) who is coming off his rookie season and fills the same role.

Perhaps the Dolphins will have Messam compete against Manning? All the same perhaps the Dolphins wish to save a bunch of money for that second round pick of Manning in 2011 by signing Messam such that the Dolphins will trade Daniel Manning.

The Dolphins had this backfield committee previously with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams from 2008 to 2010.

Now as they make a transition to a 4-3 like their division rival Bills on defence and are scouting Peyton Manning and other free agents QBs, for all I know they may need a bit more salary cap space generated by restructuring the offence at the running back position with Messam if he can do at least the job of Manning for less.

It's case by case from what I have seen.

As written previously, at around 25 years of age for any position but QB, either you continue to train in the NFL but do not play much or are run out via injury via the grinder of special teams (i.e. mostly the punt teams any more) and/or salary considerations.

The good part is these players have earned a substantial sum of money, but the bad part is they are out probably almost half of it to taxes and advisors before even getting to common lavish spending habits.

For every NFL special teamer out there, there are probably at least two guys who were as good or better athletes and players who are out of football for good after a devastating injury for which even the best rehab could not turn back the clock.

Or you can try out for the CFL and play for many years until you retire and love the life you live and what you do for a living and also perhaps not have to play as much special teams instead of the position you desire.

Note this post regarding an NFL team's financial strategy when it comes to designing special teams and some of these players who are not at least solid backups on the depth chart or at least number 4 receivers when they are about age 24 or 25 after two seasons:


By year three, though I can't find the figure I posted somewhere on a thread any more, an NFL GM can pay two aspiring fresh players who can play special teams only slightly more than he would pay a 3rd-year player for the minimum who otherwise is not a solid backup and might have even had injury issues.

That's when it's time for that player, provided he is healthy, to perhaps consider a tryout for the CFL if he wants to have a chance at a football career.

Otherwise for many of these guys, the only draw I see for them in other pro football leagues that are all lame is some sort of a paycheque and staying in the US close to family.