Jerome Messam released

Saskatchewan Riders have released J Messam

...a result of a criminal charge, yikes...


Voyeurismis thesexual interestin orpracticeof spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing,sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.

Thanks dmont, I was just gonna ask for a definition since this new fangled interweb arrived. Maybe there was something new. Although the whole thing is repugnant to me, the 'or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature' is what really turns my stomach.

...pooping Dan, it means pooping...

Based on what the 3Down article now says (it’s been updated), he recorded a consensual sexual encounter with a woman without her consenting to the recording of it. He never posted the video anywhere, he kept it for personal use.

Usually guys who do this have done it more than once. I wonder if anything else will come out.


Wonder how she finally found out, after 2 years, since he supposedly didn't post or share it.

Perhaps studying the game film to improve his technique.

Good one! :slight_smile:

Voyeurism = Peeping Tom

So this happened in 2016 when Messam was still in does that make him a former Stam-peep-er ?

All jokes aside the only one to blame here if he is indeed found guilty is Messam himself .

Here's more on this shocking development from 3DN......

Awesome!, too funny! ;D

Does give a new meaning to hitting the hole. 8)

Yeah...While I don't approve of his actions if true, there must be some more depth to it. The CFL has essentially banned him from the league. Totally inappropriate of him and all but one would think that on the surface this could be a he said/she said thing as to if she agreed to it being taped or not....especially as it would appear it never left his possession.

odd situation

There is a little more to voyeurism than being a peeping Tom

Is also includes exhibitionism....Deliberately doing things so that others can see

He has not just been released by the Riders...the League has released him because they( The Comish)say they will not file a contract if anyone else wants to sign him

So much for innocent until proven guilty

I wonder about precisely that as well. If found "not guilty" in a court of law, could he not file a mega suit against the Roughriders and CFL for not respecting the presumption of innocence provision that's not only a cornerstone of our legal system but serves to provide us as individuals with a fundamental bulwark against arbitrary prosecution by the State? Not to mention "breach of contract" of course....


...depends on the contract details, there may be a morality clause that states even if he is charged he can be released...

Not really. The leage essentially banned him

Same with the domestic stuff as well, but there is zero tolerance there as well. Acused and gone

The clause wouldn't hold up for a second in front of a jury. If he's found not guilty, the Roughriders and CFL would be desperate to settle quietly out of court.

:frowning: you're saying the league opened itself to future legal action? I'd doubt that, the league would have to have a legal position to ban him (ie - a morality clause), they'd be on shaky ground to ban 'just because'...

...why not? if JM signed the contract knowing it was in there how could a jury dismiss it?