Jerome Messam Part II - - Eskimos To Sign Cory Boyd

Great move by Tillman to pick up another devestating power RB who's been labled as a "troublemaker". Same deal as last year with Jerome Messam.

But most of all, big ups to Kavis Reed for being willing to take on another "head case". It's always easier to just dump the difficult personalities than it is to put in the time and effort to maximize their potential. Unfortunately, some coaches & GMs expect to have 42 robots on their team and no personalities to deal with.

Toronto took the easy way out. No doubt Boyd's a prima donna, but there's not a better RB in the league when you need tough yards to pick up a first down. I'd expect great success for him in Edmonton and, barring injury, the most rushing yards in the CFL this year.

I’d like to know when and why Cory Boyd suddenly became a “head case” and a “prima dona.” The last two years seemed like he was just another hard-working RB who came from a trouble upbringing but had been given a new lease on life because pro football in Canada had taken a chance on him. Seemed to me he responded with some terrific and even gritty efforts, that consequently made him an elite back in the CFL and a guy who has publicly thanked the Argo organization for the faith they had in him. Michael Clemons, I guess.

Now all of a sudden he’s a “head case” and a “problem player?” Why? Just because Rob Murphy has tweeted something obnoxious? Hey, the guy made a living being obnoxious. Retirement hasn’t changed that. And something tells me Cory Boyd is a bigger human than what Murphy makes him out to me. I’m not in charge of the mindless Cheerleading section here … heck, I bleed Blue and Gold. But something’s really strange about this deal. My two cents.

I wonder how much playing time Cory Boyd will actually get, though. It seems to me like Hugh Charles has been doing a good job so far, and I can't think of any reason to bench him over Boyd at this point.

Grabby Magoo strikes again.

I had recently stated that I thought he would land as an the few hour window in which he was unemployed.

...smells rotten, why didn't TO trade him?...just cut him loose...and an hour or so later Tillman has him signed...better get Scoobie Doo and the kids to look into this...

Barker loved him. Scott not so much. Happens whenever new coaches come. They have certain skills they are looking for to make their system work. Look at what Jones did with the defense. Everyone was freaking in Argoland because he let go of Eiben, Parker and a couple others. Their defense is improved two folds over last season.

Milanovich probably figured he could get Boyd to work in his system and it didn't pan out. The rest is all window dressing and ex teammates settling scores but that's not why they fired him IMO.

Notice that I had "head case" and "troublemaker" in quotations. Boyd wears his emotions on his sleeve, so he's an easy target for being labeled as such.

It's laughable that Rob Murphy would be commenting on someone's character. This is the guy who dumped his wife and newborn triplets to hook up with a new girlfriend once he got to Toronto. Not surprising to see Murphy trying his best to somehow stay relevant and hope his controversial comments can somehow earn him a few dollars...alimony and child support x3 must be pretty expensive when you're unemployed.

Do you honestly think Toronto didn't offer Boyd in a trade? Barker just woke up Sunday morning at the end of a bye week and decided "I'm going to cut the league's top RB today"?

RB is the second easiest position to fill in the CFL - - Toronto had no bargaining power to negotiate any kind of trade involving Boyd.

Let's see what happens when Ricky Foley leaves Toronto. Will Barker let him leave for nothing in return, or will he try to deal his top Canadian?

Why trade a guy when you are trying to save money? If you want to save money you ditch the $100k plus salary, if you trade you still have to pay the guy you trade for.

either way, the Argos still have to pay for a RB replacement, and will likely use the $100K dumped to shore deficiencies elsewhere in the lineup.
If persistent, Barker could have traded Boyd for something useful in return, possibly a decent Olineman.

Boyd is still a highly valued commodity even if RB's are a dime a dozen, as the Esks offered a MOA within hours of his release.

They were not going to get an OLman at this point of the season. A draft pick perhaps.

i guess, i dunno, how do u dress both boyd and charles, what import do you take off of the roster? does edmonton want to disrupt what they have going for them right now, 4-2 and first place. it will be interesting to see if the team starts to unravel abit over the next few weeks, if it does, im gonna go ahead and guess that this move here has something to do with it. I dunno why you'd wanna bring in a guy with obvious locker room issues into a succesful situation right now.

comparison to messam also isnt exactly valid as messam is a canadian and a ratio breaker, boyd well, what import are u gonna sit to get him on the roster? u take the extra defensive player off and maybe it messes with that powerful d they have. u arent gonna see a 2 back set, that time has passed. boyd isnt the best receiving threat out of the backfield, not the best blocker either, this could backfire BIG TIME.