Jerome Messam back in Edmonton

Wally traded him for a fifth round pick.

Talented non-import running back with potential, but comes with baggage. Just before he was drafted, got involved in a fracas in a London Ont nightclub and socked a doorman (and never told the team). Then allegedly got into a locker room altercation with Paris Jackson last year and cracked Paris's jaw. Then was "outed" by Wally's advisory team (a group of veterans) at training camp for alleged (mis)conduct detrimental to the team (rumored to be inattentive during the club controlled scrimmage and having a female in his dorm room) and sent home. Details below.

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On paper, he's a steal for a 5th rounder. The question remains whether he can clean up his act....

The Lions will be better off without him IMO.

Sounds like a girl I once dated, except she was an english lit major.

Good riddance. The Lions have some of the best depth in the backfield in terms of non-imports.
Messam is a head case. This is a case of addition by subtraction for the Lions. If he smartens up and reaches his potential, it's also a good pickup for the Eskimos.

McCarty and Messam, Whitlock and Porter. The Esks have a lot of depth in their backfield. Could we see one of the imports shipped to Montreal, or is Popp content on sticking with Whitaker/Bernard/Cobb?

Whitlock pulled a hammy.

Nothing there the Als would want.