Jerome Haywood is back!

WOW! I was sad to see him go when he signed in Winnipeg. This guy is a real warrior and gives all hes got every play! Hats off to Jimmy P!

I wonder if this means we aren't going to try awfully hard to re-sign Claybrooks..................

...the guy is built like a 'cannonball'....I always admired the grit this guy displayed...Als. got a good one back...Bombers heading in a different direction with the signing of Tyrone Williams.. :wink:

I doubt we'd try for Claybrooks now, because he'd be part of a rotation and would be too expensive for that role. Good signing by Popp, I always liked Haywood.

To me it's a good signingand I don't expect Devone Claybrooks back; Haywood is just as good. He never had his chance in 2006.

Now if the price is right/his demands not too expensive, we/Mr.Popp should sign Augustin Barrenchea. A good Non-import MLB; he is 29 years old.(30 in May). We should release or not resign Walter Spencer.


I disagree with you on this one. Walter Spencer is an excellent Special Team Player. In fact I think the reason Edmonton has cut Augustin loose is that they already know Spencer is on his way to Edmonton.

With a front four composed of Stewart, Haywood, Williams, and Bowman, there is no excuse for our secondary not making plays, particularly on second and long. Burke has got to get our DBs to make aggressive plays on the ball, not back on their heels in soft zone coverages checking off while balls sail over their heads. On a play in which the D-line gets to the QB in under 2.5 seconds, I expect a sack, an INT, or an incompletion in most situations. If I see any more of those long, frustrating drives where the other team just dinks and dunks for 5 yards here, 6 yards there, I'm going to be unhappy.

Don't forget Mclveen him and Bowman combined for 14 sacks last year.

I haven't forgotten about McElveen, but isn't he working out with a few NFL teams?