Jerome Haywood has signed with the Als

Either Marshall did not think that much of Haywood, or Haywood did not think that much of Marshall??

Gotta like a guy 5'8" 280 lbs....unless he is sitting beside you at a Cats game

I've always wondered what his vertical leap is like...

What can you do? The allure of a Grey Cup ring and a winning team sounds better to an aging vet than going through a semi-rebuilding process.

He probably wants a ring and knows that his best chance of even getting back to the Grey Cup is through Montreal.

I am not shocked about this signing. It's difficult to attract talent when we are on our 4th coach in 3 years and our 3rd set of coordinators in the last 3 years and our 3rd GM in the last 3 years.

Rebuilding and solidifying a team takes veterans who have won Grey Cups before and can help mould the room. i.e. Rob Murphy