Jerome Haywood and Gavin Walls set to become a freeagents

They are both high quality dlinmen and would be a huge asset to this team.

These guys aren’t elite pass rushers, but they are better than what we have.

how bout canada…

Oh good more retreads can’t wait

Both are high milage retreads and neither are the answer to the cats D line problems.

Draft or recruit and develop.

I'm not so sure everyone here is talking about the same Gavin Walls. Gavin Walls, age 28 has consistently been up there with the league leaders in sacks. There have been few better than him over the last few years and in my opinion he would be a great addition. He is relatively young, but has the experience we need.

We tried that.
The D-Line was one of last years off season trouble spots.
Guess what.....this off season as well.

I think Obie will bring in one proven veteran either by trade or free agency....maybe 2.
We can not go in to next season hoping that a rookie from camp will make the difference on the defensive line.
Things were bad enough in Obie's eyes to trade Moreno a proven All Star for some D-Line help.
We all know how that turned out, but Obie WILL go back to the well again!!!

Everyone keeps SAYING that, but nobody wants to wait long enough for it to come to fruition!

Gavin Walls absolutely! Sign this stud!

We should have asked for him as compensation when the Moreno trade went sour.

Jerome Haywood is mediocre at best.

I agree go after Walls, and put John Chick at the other end. and we are cooking! :rockin: :rockin:

Walls and Heywood were probably two players Taman offered Obie when the Moreno deal fell through, and Obie didn't bite. In other words, Obie isn't interested in these guys as free agents either.

Unlike acquiring a player in a trade,

If Obie picked Gavin Walls up a free agent
he wouldn't cost us a player, only money,

and he could battle it with our 2 Canadian DE's
who we aren't getting pressure on the QB from.

And of course you have a Link to back this claim up, right?