Jerome Dennis now a Lion; David Hyland Released

Given the relationship with BC that current Hamilton GM Bob O'Billovich had in the past, is it any surprise that former Lion DB Jerome Dennis is suddenly released from Steel Town. This merely days after BC is desperate for an experienced player to fill the whole caused by Franks blowing out his knee and David Hyland blowing his chance with the Lions due to sloppy tackling. Makes you wonder what will be the other shoe to drop, the unannounced quid pro quo going back to Hamilton at some later date.
Sometimes I think the CFL is just one big team with a whole lot of interchangable parts that can be moved around like a big chess board at any time, as GMs feel necessary. Dennis is familiar with our defensive schemes and seems like a good pickup who can play wide side halfback and contribute well on special teams.

Speaking of DBs, how does Dante Marsh, veteran wide side corner, take such a bad angle towards a receiver and let him go for a big gainer on a play where he should have either wrapped him up or at least slowed his opponent down? When veterans are making basic mistakes like this it makes you wonder where their heads are, because: " they sure ain't on football."

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Some good points Dooger. I'm surprised they let go of Hyland though. Yeah , he played terrible last week , but I thought he could play but I guess Wally needed to do something. I bet we'll see him hook up with another CFL team.

I hear what you're saying Dooger. There's not much available talent out there to chose from or not enough money to pay those who are; so in the end CFL teams are left with the cyclical effect you refer to. Hyland was indeed brutal to watch; but then again so was Marsh and Williams. Perhaps they rolled the dice and his name came up on the short end(?). I do hope Coach Benvenidas is addressing this. Are these guys spending enough time watching tape to know what to anticipate?
This is only my second post this year (last year I was quite active - interacting under the name "pastasteve"). I've been purposefully sitting back, staying quiet and reading the posts this year. It's been an interesting read thus far. I particularly like Beaglehounds input and responses; I find him well thought-out and knowledgeable. There's one guy who scares me though: Who is this 'Gridiron Guru' ?
I can't even bring myself to respond directly to his posts because his input is so ridiculous and extremist in nature. All this stuff about boycotting games, scrapping Wally and Jacques... Maybe I'm getting to old or something, but good grief; isn't it obvious that these wonderfully-gifted and experienced coaches are doing the best they can with what they have. Most of the players are young, relatively new, and still getting used to the CFL game, the playbook, and each other. It takes time to mold, to gel, and build some chemistry. Give it time! I believe Travis will develop into a fine quarterback. Geroy can't carry the team on the receiving end of it, but these young receivers will develop in time. My biggest frustration is the backfield. I personally think Harris has the potential to be 'the man'; he just needs to believe it.
I can appreciate the frustration factor. We ALL want to see the Lions play in the Grey Cup this year - with the revamped stadium and all. We all want to see seats filled as much as possible. None of us are ignorant of the fact that winners draw crowds. But I dare the people of the Vancouver area to begin to OWN what is theirs. Far too long have fans been overly-enamored with the NFL and compared our game to theirs. Just like we saw a glimpse of during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, I wish fans could get behind what is OURS - what is Canadian, and support it. I think the exact opposite of Mr. G-G. I believe that if fans fill the seats and become UNGLUED in tehir cheers and support of their team, THEN we will see the team begin to produce. Why? Because they see that we believe in them!

excellent post pasta. :thup:

regards GG - thats what makes these posts fun. get some new freaks in here making some noise. I guess he's not going to take it.
lets burn down the shopping mall.
pastasteve where you been?

Apart from the obvious fact that Hyland wasn't performing I think this was meant as a wake up call to rest of the secondary. Cut the least senior starting DB to say to the veterans that if they don't get their s*** together one of them will be next, and because no one knows who that might be, they are all motivated to step up out of fear for their jobs.

I liked Hyland last season but found him, like most of the secondary, to be less than impressive this year. He'll be fine and land on his feet and cause us grief in the future, but I would have liked to have seen him perform in a Lions uniform.

Let's hope for a real cat fight coming up, good luck to all the fine fan's in BC. :thup:

Welcome back Pastasteev. Good to see you again! :smiley:

Catfish.... I sure hope so. I hope it is not......" Lions and tigers and fumbles oh my...Lions and tigers and sacks oh my.....Lions and tigers and losses oh my....."