Jerome Davis

It seems to me Jerome Davis is getting bet on the line a lot, man he didnt even seem slow some of those guys down. What do you think?

Agree completely, didnt want to center him out but since you did, i agree :slight_smile:

8) Why do you think the Argos didn't want him back this year ???? I don't think Woodard is doing much better either !! Surely these two can be replaced by better players considering that they are both imports !!!

Hell I dont what to center him out either but somebody could get killed and it might be one of our QBs and then there we go for an other five years.

I agree %100 both of those guys look lost. Let's hope Marcel secures some real talent on both corners.................

T- Marko Cavka may get his Chance next week in Montreal

The Kid looked good but has only seen work on the Scout Team.

either him or woodard or both could have been flagged for holding almost every other play.

Our tackles stunk last night, and we still almost slavaged a win.