Jerome Davis Finished As A TiCat !!!!!!

8) According to this mornings Spec, Marcel is attempting to trade Jerome Davis. If a trade can not be worked out, Davis will simply be released from the team !!!

The house cleaning has begun !!! The question is why did it take this long into the season to realize that Davis was simply not good enough to get the job done !!!

More cuts are coming, since we are over the roster limit !!!

I agree, although once again he loses leverage when he tells people hes trying to trade somebody.

Ask Maas how he felt about Davis as one of his tackles !!!!

Boy what a difference had we not of lost Travis Claridge !!!!!!

So who is our right tackle now then?

Either Canadian rookie Peter Dyakowski
or New York Jets castoff Marko Cavka

will start in Davis' spot in Montreal Monday afternoon.

The 6-foot-8, 295-pound Cavka
joined the practice roster last month.

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As to losing leverage by telling everyone he is trying to trade Davis ,...

The other GM's all know already,so,

I suspect he is telling the fans to ease the critisism of the common complaint we got so little back for him....

From a people perspective, I hate this time of year. I wish JD all the best. He is a class act and made the train ride back from Montreal a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I wish him all the best.

Maybe we can trade him for a third string Canadian player in a position where we already have a lot of depth

The Writing was on Wall when they Signed Marko Cavka .

Marko is Huge has Good Foot work
Time to see how good it is in a game

Bring back Dave Hack :slight_smile:


I think Jerome was the main player to make Tom Canada defenceive player of the week. Should have been Zeke. :roll:

I was going to write that!

Seriously, Dave can still play. Plus, he's an absolute class act off the field.

For cryin out loud people...give it a rest already...we need FOOTBALL PLAYERS not classy guys...I admit it is nice to have classy guys but what does it really matter...this is a football team, and we need football players

Nostalgia is an intoxicating brew, isn't it touchdowncats.

No worries, though.

Dave Hack is comfortably ensconced
in his post-career life,

teaching High School and coaching football.

I agree, class act is something that is thrown around on this site too much. I only like to watch football I can care less how a player behaves off the field.

I don't quite recall anyone saying we didn't need football players. For some of us who actually realize that these guys are more than just a number, it's important for us to recognize the fact that they have contributed in a positive way even if their play on the field wasn't what we needed. Who are you to tell us we can't do that?

The Jerome Davis experiment is entirely Desjardins' fault, because it was he who signed Davis in the offseason and played up the signing as a big deal because Davis was an all-star the year before. Obviously Desjardins wasn't as good as the Argos at recognizing Davis' weaknesses as an OL.

Desjardins can take some egg off his face if Cavka plays well.

P.S. Marcel: Woodard needs to be replaced, too.

It would be good to see the Both Cavca and Dyakowsky-step in and step up, Ticats NEED to get better at passblocking.

I agree 100 % - cut him loose. Not likely another team would pick him up considering his poor play. A slight problem, he will be paid until the end of the season if he is let go. So, Marcel work some of your magic and trade Davis and Woodard…