Jermicheal Selders gets tryout

Riders having him come in for a work out. Sounds like a couple of NFL teams are on the radar too though so who knows. Hopefully he works out and sticks here even if it's just for the season. It may even help his exposure down South. Certainly sounds like he is motivated and hopefully he finds a spot. This could be the missing link we are looking for in the back field but of course you never know.

“I’m a physical guy with speed and power,? said Selders, who’s training at IX Innovations in Houston and is represented by Houston-based agent J.D. Ogilvie. “I will play special teams, free safety, corner or running back. I’m real fast.?
Selders is determined to support his family.
His mother needs two knee replacements. He’s also a devoted father.
“My son needs stability,? Selders said. “My dream is still within reach. I’m really motivated. My son is my life. I just want a better life for him. My mom has been struggling. I went through so much. I’m just so motivated. I just want to show it on the field. On the field is where I release all my stress. I just want to show everybody, all the people who’s been doubting me that it’s my time to come back.?

Selders is a 6-foot, 210-pounder with 4.4 speed in the 40-yard dash who’s run the 100 meters in 10.5 seconds.

From reading your post JimmyG, would be awesome to have Selders excel as a Rider. I remember Ricky Williams on the field in the NFL running for yardage and best of all, the kids loved him. The kids would say - "Run Ricky Run"
Faith that Selders is the RB the Roughriders are looking for.

Sure would be nice if this is the missing cog the Riders need in the RB department . He definitely has good personal reason to want too burn up some turf. I also got to give Jones some credit as he's constantly working to better this team. He might not get it right the first time every time, but you sure cant short a guy for trying either.

Well my guess, let him be the new RB, as the ones we have suck, can't be any worse!! Even Allen was a far notch up to our current ones.

I wouldn't go so far as to say the ones on the team suck...but an upgrade would be nice. Steele's YPC are pretty respectable...he is just not getting carries. His hands are meh, but his blocking has been spot on....all that said...he might be out for this game anyways so

FYI...I was reading on him yesterday when this broke and just so you know...the quotes referenced were actually from when he was looking at some NFL OTAs...not since the Riders looked at him. He has had his NFL workouts, and is now likely headed to the CFL (Riders) unless someone phones pretty fast. I am wondering if this is a potential to bump Lawrence in all honesty.

Dude is fast...worth a look for sure

O.K. Thats good then. As soon as I read that I was wondering if he knew what he would be making up here. His Mother is not getting new knees anytime soon and his son will not be sportin the newest hip gear eighther on what he would take home this year. Gotta love the passion and the reasons for it though. Hope he does well.

Well that wouldn’t be a bad move but also isn’t Steele a bit banged up too? Not sold obviously on Steele or Walters anyways so if this guy can do a good job of blocking I think he would be a definite upgrade. Looking at some highlights he seems to have good hands too so he should be good as a safety valve or hitch screens.

I hope they at least give him a shot and see what he is all about.

Yes, Steele is banged up, which is why I said he might be out this game…we will see…but he wasn’t at practice. it was only walkthroughs so he might just be getting an extra day. Selders would be extremely unlikely to get a nod even if he signs in the morning…that is how you get a QB killed. Chances are it would be heavy doses of Walter with some Dyer mixed in there.

Walter is not a feature back…but he is a good blocker and has pretty solid hands…he can also take meaningful runs but the other areas are his strengths. Depending on how they used DIs it opens some options there as well

No I never meant that they should put him in for this week I wasn't sure how hurt Steele was and if he would be possibly out for a couple of weeks. Either way I would hope he is better then Walters or Steele an perhaps both could be traded.

That of course would depend if he is all that, but of course until he actually gets a shot one never really knows. Looking good in practice sometimes doesn't reflect in game action so who knows.

as big and as fast as he is he would be worth using to return kickoffs and punts, until he can get up to speed on running the ball.
good by and good riddance Kendal Lawrence.

That is what I am hoping happens....thinking Major Culbert might get a look there as well