Jermese Jones

Now a Stampeder. Should be an upgrade over Garrick Jones.

...[fingerscrossed]dline next, pul-ease, dline next[fingerscrossed]...

Good signing for Calgary. They will be next the cap target, with all there signings.

I'll bet he signed for way less then Morley
did last yr with the Argos.

Morley will come with a pricetag if thats what you are saying. But we'll get him for the typical one and an option.


I thought Jones was one of the Riders better Olinemen.. good luck to him in Calgary.

Thanks Sambo I thought Calgary might go with an all Canadian unit this year but it appear this opens the door for an american in there. I thought Jones was pretty solid there as well.

Hey rw05, calgary has signed some big names and haven't lost anybody. How long before they need to trade or cut someone?

Actually Mike I think we have lost our dline and we have had a couple of retirements. I heard the Stamps were under the cap but again the ole audit thing has to be completed before anyone knows. The problem with the riders if you recall Shivers signed most of the rider players to large contracts and I guess eventually they had to parse down a few players. I imagine Clagary will be in this boat soon as well and then you have to account for the increase this year.

Oh, i didn't realize you guys had lost that many players. most your free agents seemed to be i thought you were set for the most part.

As Arius know they used that "loop hole" , so I figured you had the majority under contract until next year.

Good signing.

Jones American. Morley Canadian. Maybe Riders are going all Canadian. Jones is ok. Not bad. Good signing for Stamps but not great.

I thought he played average for an import OL, If he's LT burris is guaranteed to get blindsided once or twice...

I dont think we've lost our D line.

I know George signed a tryout for an NFL team halfway through
their season, not sure if he'll be back or not. And I'll be
amazed if Gariuglo will be back in time for camp, but neither
would have been big salaries.

McNeil retiring will save good cap space, Clarks probably
on the bubble, but i honestly doubt besides DD that we
blew the budget on any of our free agent signing.

For what were likely paying Thelwell, im not sure he's needed,
but thats decisions our staff will make.

Im more curious about Saskatchewans sitution.

Its rumoured Morleys making in the 140,000 range, and did
Davis get top dollars he was rumoured to be asking for?

What about Dominguez?? Then youve got a qb looking for a raise.

Good luck getting under the sms Eric.

....He's no Dan Goodspeed....but the Bombers spent a lot of time developing Jermese before he went to the Riders and he looked great for them last year...Jones' experience should help out the stamps ....

The import status won't help much but JJ is one of those players who can be dominant one week and invisible the next. When he shows up, he is one of the better tackles in the league. This will probably be a good signing for the Stamps.

When you're talking about an offensive lineman, being "invisible" in a game isnt all that bad.

Anyhow Garrick Jones, the guy Jermese will most likely replace, wasn't.....although someone was
correct in reminding me he did play most of the year with a sore hand.

I can't help but wonder if Garrick spends too much time with his other ventures. If i remember correctly he has two or three other businesses on the go.

He came on gsg looking to trade two season tickets
for a vehicle to use for the season. Someone jokingly offered him a bike.......just imagine someone his size riding
to McMahon on a mountain bike.

He should be an upgrade for the Stamps. It's never bad when you play all 18 games and 3 playoff games for the only club not to lose their QB to injury :wink:

Of course there are other factors too, but he played well and should do fine for the Stamps.

That's why we no longer have Perry and Hunt.... $$$

Tillman asked the coaches who to spend the money on and Eddie was the man..... Too bad cause if healthy Hunt can still do damage as seen in the playoffs last year.

Other then Hamilton and BC with Dickenson, I suspect the riders have released more salaries this year then they have signed.

Gone: Holmes, Perry, Hunt, Jones.

Other Free Agents likely not to sign or will be signed for significantly less. K. Hill, T.Jurineack, Lynch, K. Mitchell, Russell, Feugil.

Other Free agents to be signed for roughly the same: Kornegay, R. Robinson.

I don't think the riders will have a major problem with sms. As they haven't picked up anybody really, and the forum rumor mill has it that Morley will be asked to renegotiate.