Jermese Jones

Any word on a suspension. His helmet toss was very foolish
and dangerous.

Im thinking two games would be sufficient.


hahhhhhaaaaaahhhaaaah, a fine is all that is necessary I feel. It was stupid but not worthy of suspension. Besides even if this somehow did lead to suspension I hear we already got a long time Rider season ticket holder ready to independently arbitrate the situation :smiley:

Yes it could have hurt that fold up banner! 3 games at least!

Im beginning to wonder if Austin has let these guys become undisciplined. Seems like they're involved in a lot of extra curricular activities after the whistle.

ps. nice sig 05 but those bombers almost killed Trigger. He required oxygen after the last game. Too much running up and down the field. :slight_smile:

You see, the issue is that in Regina, there just isn't a whole lot for extra-curricular activity, so when the boys have a chance to go wild they take it. :slight_smile:

It is pretty sad when they have to give oxygen to the touchdown horse.

lol :lol: ,,,,whats this about Jermese Jones the gentle giant....they must be firing him up in Riderville ....he was always a passive guy when he played for the BigBlue...somebody must have really irked him for him to get that excited...looks like another Gass type of situation where the penalty will be very severe ...NOT..... :wink:

I think they must of Tasered him at half time to get him all fired up.

Maybe someone squeezed his package. That always gets em going.

Ya he had those same eyes as Gass you know those ouch that dam well hurt look or the my underwear is to tight look.

I saw an interview with him on the news, and he asked a referee why he was being DQed, and the ref told him he didnt know. I would be upset at that as well, if you are going to throw someone out the game, at least give him a valid reason.

Geez know how many guys in stripes are out
on a field. Unless he asked the head ref, he shouldnt of been

When your coach comes on the field and tells you to get the hell off the field, you DONT throw your helmet.

Im not condoning what he did, but there at least had to be one official who had a reason as to why he was ejected. You are trying to tell me that they dont communicate? Jones will get his punishment, and deservedly so.

Of course someone knew, but obviously not the guy he asked.

Line judge maybe?

You dont want a ref guessing as to why he was tossed, so best
to be honest in that situation.

It was pretty silly that he tossed his helmet, didn't really help the situation at all.

If we go by previous punishment this year, he'll at most get a fine as it was his own helmet, and Gass didn't receive a suspension for tossing an opponents helmet.

Does anyone know when they will come down with the punishment on the players?

If nothing comes out by tomorrow i'm betting there's not going to be any fines or suspension.

The rumour on "Rod's Blog" is that there were undisclosed fines to both Jones and Abou-Mechrek, but no suspensions - apparently a media release will come shortly...again, just rumour...

Though i agree with you Dust, Gass did receive a suspension but, never surved it. Remember the whole Esks season ticket holder thing.