Jermaine Mays

the cats have just cut him.

I know he didnt play much, but he looked really good in t.c. and with bradley being out next game why cut him now?

I'm wondering with all these guys being released and no one being signed if Obie is in talks with some recent NFL cuts, or some people are ready to be brought up from the developmental roster.

Maybe were getting some cap room to go after the next great QB

8) All these personel changes already, after the team said that they would stick with the players that made it out of training camp !!!
 Just proves that many of the players recruited and brought in here this year were simply not good enough to play in this league !!!

It's not like last year wherewe are cutting a mass group of players that starts, like last year you'd be hard pressed to find the same secondary for 2 weeks in a row.

Charlie said he didn't want to have
a revolving door like last year

and he would like to stick with
the guys from Training Camp,

It's ridiculous to think every one of
those players will be with us all year.


Obie said he believes imports should
be first stringers not back ups.

Maybe another guy on the team
will earn that first string job

Geoff Tisdale is getting a chance
to replace Bradley in the meantime.

Mays was a backup, I dont remember seeing him play other than in T.C

As far as Wayne and K.D, it was Wayne's first game wasnt it? and K.D was just subbing in for 2nd and long a few times. Last week was their time to show that they should start and Obie didn't feel like they showed enough.

If Tisdale is better than Mays, why was Mays in the line-up and Tisdale on the practice squad up until now?

These are the kind of moves I don't understand. We keep a guy around for five games, then the starter at his position gets hurt and we cut him and activate some guy that hasn't played a game other than the pre-season.

(Insert 'banging head against the wall' emoticon here.)

Not saying anything against Tisdale....he's getting his chance and I hope he's a stud, but these moves make no sense to me.

Not that I think it matters....AC should pick our D apart anyways unless we can get in his face. (GO ANTHONY! I hope he's what we've been missing at the end.)

I think Mays getting cut was a combination of the ratio with the Ticats bringing in Adam Kania, and you never know, he might have wanted out since he wasn't playing or maybe he will be added to the practice squad.

Tisdale getting promoted and Mays getting cut aren't really related are they? I believe Tisdale is a cornerback and Mays is a halfback.

Just thinking out loud here.

  • paul

Kania is on the practice roster, meaning he has nothing to do with the ratio this week. (Unless they make a really late move and activate him.)

Maybe Mays wanted out, but if it was because of playing time then he picked the wrong week.

I understand what you're saying in terms of where they are listed on the depth chart, but IMO it's not that simple. Based on the roster we've dressed for the last few weeks, what would've happened if Gordon or Bradley were injured during the game? Who plays CB?

The answer, Manning or Mays (Who, for the record, were both listed as HB's on our depth chart) or you move Thompson or Robinson over and put one of Manning or Mays at HB.

When you have injuries you make adjustments and move your best players into the positions that need to be filled (especially in the secondary), and if Tisdale was the next best thing to back up one of our corners, why was he on the practice squad instead of in the game as a backup?

When you have injuries, guards and tackles get moved around on the O-Line, receivers move from the outside to the slot and even defensive ends and tackles (very eviudent on our team this year) move around as well. HB and CB is probably one of the most interchangeable positions on the field.

Either way, I hope Tisdale lights it up tonight but sometimes these moves don't really make sense to me.

Who knows, maybe Tisdale's been hurt.

Then wouldn't he be on the injured list instead of the practice roster?

Oh well....I just hope he's good because we'll need him tonight against the number 1 passing O in the league.

Sure, I guess. But if one roster is full and there's a spot open on the other...

I dunno. I'm just guessing here.