Jermaine Copeland - retired Argos WR, new TiCats rcvrs coach

The story on his retirement can be found here,

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And his hiring by the TiCats as their new receivers coach is being reported on Twitter by Arash Madani and Drew.

Drew has now a post about it on Scratching Post

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Should be a great addition. :thup:

How about a player/coach?

Do tampering rules apply when it comes to retirement as a player and hiring as a coach? I can't imagine that a deal to sign him as coach was done in the few minutes post retirement announcement....

Don't worry about it. Argos are the last team in pro sports to be complaining about contract and integrity :wink:

That could be interesting, but not sure what the Arrgh-os reaction would be. Contract issues perhaps?

Copeland should be a great teacher for our young receivers. With a number of years catching Burris’s passes, he would have pretty good understanding of what it takes to get on the same page with him. And three years playing under Cortez’s system?

In hindsight, no surprise that Cortez went after him.

Tampering? I doubt it.
This provides a convenient solution to a problem that had been looming for the Argos. They are able to shed the salary of a highly-paid, under-productive receiver without Barker having to cut Copeland, his good friend of many years. A coaching position with the Argos wasn't an option since they don't need a receivers coach. I would think the Argos encouraged Copeland to make this move.

Copeland has always played with much desire and drive if he can pass this onto the young WR's he will ensure a long career in the CFL. :thup:

Interesting insight, seymour. I bet you're on to something.

That remains to be seen. Their rookie receivers coach is a former QB. I'm kind of hoping his experience playing a different position will prove to be unhelpful.

Interesting points, Seymour.

It made me wonder that if Copeland and Barker are so close and such good friends, would you not think that the GM would be aware of his receiver's plans and/or intentions once his career ends? I'm sure this would have come up in previous conversations. If Barker wanted to get Copeland out as a player, why would he not offer him the coaching job, instead of bringing in Moss?

I would think that hiring an exreceiver to coach the position would make more sense than having an exquarterback do the job.....

I think Barker was aware that Copeland had an interest in coaching but that doesn't mean Barker would automatically hand Copeland a coaching job just because they're friends. Business is business and perhaps Barker and Milanovich saw qualities in Jason Maas which they believed would translate into a better coaching candidate. In addition, Maas and Ricky Ray worked successfully together in Edmonton for years and having Maas on the Argos' staff should make Ray's transition to the Argos a bit easier. As for having a former quarterback as receivers coach, we'll have to wait and see how that turns out.