Jeremy, please explain.............

…having some fun on a different string and Jer said this:

…so I’d like to know what this opinion is based on…fair question to a dubious statement…

Dont expect an answer soon. Jeremy’s either hitting the
booze early or he doesnt know football.

Expect Calgarys o line to dominate this yr.

Having the top rusher in the league and a formidable passing game
will prove that once and for all.

ok, well u get your dreams up so you get hurt even more.

i wouldnt call Cagray’s Oline the worst, but it’s defenitiely not the best. well as of now, we’ll have to wait for the season.

I do not know some of those young guys are doing very well in TC it will be tough for Burratto to cut a couple of them. They are sure opennning up some holes for Joffery!

…still waiting young rider fan…

I don’t think much either of Calgary’s O-line. But I promised RedandWhite (when we were on the former huddle) that I’d stop taking shots at your line before they get a chance at proving themselves. So I’m waiting for the season to start.

I my humble opinion, Montreal and Saskatchewan have the first and second best o-line of the CFL. I know it might sound like pure fanatical statement when I rank Montreal #1, but :

  1. Honestly, is there any of these guys you wouldn’t really want on your team: Brian Chiu, Uzuma Okeke, Scott Flory, Paul Lambert, Luke Fritz. Looks pretty much like an all-star line to me. All five of them proved themselves year in and year out.

  2. What makes a line really effective is when it acts as one. Linemen have to know how their fellowmen act and react in every situation, otherwise, breaches will appear frequently. So an intact line will be more effective than one reconstituted over the off-season. An intact line of all-stars looks like a concrete wall.

I’m pretty sure Montreal’s o-line played a huge role in Calvillo throwing for 6000 yards last year.

…see Jeremy, there’s a logical and well-thought out response…not just a off the hip kinda comment that has no basis of credibility…but I won’t come down hard yet because you haven’t responded…

…now I’ll throw mine out…there are three veterans on our line, Crysdale, McNeil and Pilon…each with as many GC appearances, all-stars credits or Most Outstanding Whatever bragging rights as anyone you could toss out from Montreal or Saskatachewan…we traded for Alex Gauthier in the off season and as he enters his 4th year as a pro the bugs should be ironed out…the only position under watch is RT with Comiskey vying for a starting role against De La Parralle and Robertson…seriously, I think our vets will bring two new guys up to speed quickly and all your bashing of the Calgary O-line will be snuffed…Sorry boys in green, Henry is going to be protected…


What happened to Sean Dittman? He was an all-star last year and I can’t find him on your roster or free agents that left.

As far as the Roughriders offensive line is concerned we have the last two outstanding lineman from the last two years.

Isn’t that nice…two horse peddlers getting along. You guys should go…at least…14-4 this season, no?

Where are they standing? At the corner or across the street?

roughyfan wrote: RedandWhite,

What happened to Sean Dittman? He was an all-star last year and I can’t find him on your roster or free agents that left.

As far as the Roughriders offensive line is concerned we have the last two outstanding lineman from the last two years.

Where are they standing? At the corner or across the street?

Since they’re offensive lineman probably at the buffet line.

…not sure where Dittman ended up…he was released a few weeks back when we picked up Gauthier…Higgins is looking for an non-import O line and Dittmen is from the states…

Yo Mo… No i doubt we’ll go 14-4 this yr, seeing as we have alot
of new players and coaches that need to learn a new system
and need to gel as a team.

We will make the playoffs, and we will give those perogy eaters all they
can handle by yrs end. Count on it, i am.

Well, lets see here, I don’t have exact stats sitting right in front of me but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that last season the Calgary O-Line probably let in the most or second most sacks in the CFL. Saying that Calgary’s running game was piss poor last season would be an overstatement, it’s not even piss poor, it’s below piss poor.

The Riders have the strongest Offensive line in the league, allowing the least amount of sacks in the league while leading the league in rushing yards, the line is exactly the same this season so the chemistry these guys have will continue into this year giving Nealon plenty of time in the pocket.

EDIT- **** = p i s s

Thanks for replying Jeremy, this is gonna be a breeze to shoot down.

Thanks also for “going out on a limb” - I spent the 3 seconds it took to find the appropriate stats. Here we are (btw, all stats are from - they can be found under last year’s team stats):

-For each time Calgary’s QB was sacked, the Stamps sacked the other QB twice (Calgary allowed 22 sacks; Calgary’s opponents allowed 44 sacks).

-BC allowed 54 sacks;
-Edmonton allowed 36 sacks;
-Winnipeg allowed 40 sacks;
-Hamilton allowed 10 sacks;
-Toronto allowed 54 sacks;
-Ottawa allowed 57 sacks;
-Montreal allowed 39 sacks; and (saving the best for last)
-Saskatchewan allowed 28 sacks (which is actually more than 22 - I’m not sure how good your math skills are.)

Now, I figured I’d rank these sack statistics for you (remember, these are sacks allowed over the whole 2004 regular season):

  1. Hamilton (10)
  2. Calgary (22)
  3. Sask (28)
  4. Edmonton (36)
  5. Montreal (39)
  6. Winnipeg (40)
  7. BC (54)
  8. Toronto (54)
  9. Ottawa (57)

See, that actually shows that Calgary allowed the second-LEAST sacks in the league last year, not the second-most.

Saskabush actually did pretty well in sacks against, but did not, in fact, lead the league in that category. And, you did lead the league in rushing last year, but that’s not due exclusively to the o-line. You had Kenton Keith AND Corey Holmes to carry the rock, plus Henry Burris a few times.

Frankly, I’ve said all that needs to be said, but I’ll counter your point on Calgary’s running game while I’m at it.

The main reason Calgary has so few yards rushing is because there were so few ATTEMPTS rushing. See, for the first half of the year (or so), we had this offensive co-ordinator named John Jenkins, who believed in passing the ball 95% of the time (read: NOT RUSHING THE FOOTBALL). This included such golden opportunities as in the dying seconds of a game that you are winning (PS: That’s a good time to rush the ball). Let’s look at the number of rushes per team during the last season:

-Calgary: 268 (their opponents totalled up 389 rushes, just to give you an idea of what’s to come)
-BC: 380
-Edmonton: 352
-Saskatchewan: 444 (which will certainly help with the number of yards they got)
-Winnipeg: 380
-Hamilton: 396
-Toronto: 329
-Ottawa: 340
-Montreal: 331

Again, I’ll help you rank those from most to least:

  1. Saskatchewan (444)
  2. Hamilton (396)
  3. Winnipeg (380)
  4. BC (380)
  5. Edmonton (352)
  6. Ottawa (340)
  7. Montreal (331)
  8. Toronto (329)
  9. Calgary (268)

The difference in rushing attempts between 8th and 9th is 61 attempts. The next-biggest jump is between 1st and 2nd: 48 attempts. The difference in rushing attempts between 2ND and 8TH is only 40!!!

EXCLUDING Calgary, the average number of times a team rushed the football last year was 369 times, with a standard deviation (s.d.) of plus or minus 39.2. Using the normal distribution, the range between the average MINUS one s.d. and the average PLUS one s.d. accounts for 68% of all the cases. That range is 329.8 rushes to 408.2 rushes … the only teams outside of this range are Toronto (BARELY, at 329 rushes), Saskatchewan (444 rushes) and Calgary (268).

(This conveniently shows that Saskatchewan ran the ball a relatively large number of times.)

If you instead take the range of the average minus TWO s.d.'s and the average PLUS two s.d.'s, you cover 95% of all cases. This range is 290.6 to 447.4. Now, the only team out of that range is Calgary. As a side note, Saskatchewan is barely in that range, with 444 rushes.

The range of (the average +/- 3 s.d.'s) covers 99% of all cases. That range is 251.4 rushing attempts to 486.6 rushing attempts. Finally, Calgary falls into that range.

What does this show? That Calgary rushed the ball very, VERY few times last year. You can hardly blame the o-line for THAT.

CanuckKev, I really don’t challenge your explanation, but there’s a few points I need to make.

Looking at the number of times a QB has been sacked isn’t totally representative of the work done by the line. There is something more important than that to look for: time allowed for the QB to make a play. If the QB often has to rush its throw just to avoid a sack, it appears nowhere on the stats sheets, but it does make a difference on the team’s progression on the field.

As well, sacks allowed may be linked to the time needed by the QB to make his play. Allowing only ten sacks in a season is extremely good. But when you know how quick Danny McManus releases the ball, it pretty much tells you why he’s never sacked. In his case, the low amount of sacks is compensated by the high percentage of interceptions thrown (picked especially because he releases the ball too quickly… the advantage can become an inconvenient)­

And finally, sacks aren’t always allowed because the o-line didn’t make its job. If a QB rolls out of the pocket, takes too much time to make his play or tries to make a play himself and get caught, then it isn’t the o-line’s fault and no linemen get a sack allowed in his personnal statistics. If the stats on were complete, we’d be able to know exactly how many times each team’s o-line failed.

For instance, if you could see each lineman’s stats and see that (just an example, numbers are pure guesses) Brian Chiu allowed 4 sacks, Uzuma Okeke allowed 8, Luke Fritz 7, Scott Flory 11 and Paul Lambert 12, then you’d see that Calvillo was sacked 7 times because of personnal mistakes. I believe that QBs who love to scramble get sacked often because of failed rushing attempts. Would we be able to verify that, we’d have a different perspective on each o-line.

Just my two cents.

Kev very well done!

And to top it off after geting rid of Jenkins we brought a guy in for the
last 5 games of the season and he avg. 5.5 yds a carry without having the
benefit of practicing a running game.

Mark this down Jeremy, after this season you’ll know the names Joffrey Reynolds and Ronney Jenkins.

YOur stats are wrong according to TSN

Stats from TSN

Rushing attempts
Sask -444
Ham - 418

If you’re going to do statistics you have to start with the right information.

Now another big thing a line helps with is yards per carry, which you forgot to mention in your stats, so here it is. (A good running back helps too obviously)


Now with Saskatchewan rushing so much you would think teams would key on the run, but they still were first.

And with Calgary running so little you’d think teams would forget about the run and key on passing but they are still second last in yards per carry behind their formidable line.

However I do give them credit for the amount of sacks they gave up considering they had the third most pass attempts. I also give credit to Hamilton who was first in pass attempts and first in least sacks given up (with a lot of credit going to Danny Mac). But like thirdandten said there is more than a line that goes into those sacks too.

Now another thing about sports statistics is after a year is over they all start at zero again and teams try to accumalate them all over again. So basically last year’s stats may give you a gauge of what’s going to happen this year but teams change (Calgary’s definitely has).

didnt you have that amazingly fast running back last year? Ike i think his name was… i was wachin one game around the beggining of the season… mabe calgary’s 4th or 5th game, and the announcer said that to this point in the season he had only carried the ball an average of like 4.5 times per game… or mabe like 2.5… i remember it was a low number .5… you can’t be expected to have a 100 yard game with 3 rushing attempts, i dont care how fast or amazingly strong you are, it will almost never happen

Kev you gave me a head ache! :twisted: