Jeremy Kelley

I see Kelley is back on the roster again - he disappeared from it at the end of last season, and the CFL transaction page listed him as REM UNS (remain unsigned). Great to see that he has re-signed, although I don't see it in the official transaction list yet. The guy is amazing on ST, and not a bad receiver either. He even played a bit of DE in college (or was that high school?), so maybe he can replace Baggs. :wink: Ok, maybe not. But with his size and experience blocking (he also played a bit on the O-line, and from his highlight reel, looks to be a fair blocker), maybe he can be thrown in at TE on occasion. With two primary NI receivers, we might not always have to take one of them out when we go with the four-receiver set.

The question is whether he would even get to dress behind Williams, Grant, Kelly, and Jeffers-Harris. But nice to have him in case of injury. [knock wood]

The signing of Conji helped make room for WR Kelley, there's more to Luca than meets the eye. :thup:

The advantage of a non-import kicker, you mean? With only three designated imports allowed on the 42-man roster, not having to use one for the kicker means all three can be special team and backup players. But still not sure if he'll make the 42 unless there are injuries in the receiving corps, given that they'll probably use the three DIs for T. Grant, one of the four import receivers I mentioned before, and a backup DB. I suspect that he may make the reserve, though, if only to protect him from being taken by another team.

But he might just beat out one of those four import receivers in training camp. He's got great size, and pretty good hands. And as I mentioned, he might make a decent tight end.