Jeremy Ito Thread

On the Scratching Post it says we have a new kicker coming in tomorrow....good!

Obie doesn't seem too happy about Setta's "performance."

Amen! Setta is a FANTASTIC human being and I hate to see him struggling like this, but we can’t have him costing us games anymore. This would be good to put him on the 9G or something and let the new kicker finish the season.

I don't think anybody is at this point and MB did say that not even Setta's job was safe in TC. Joking or not, it's true. My suggestion not that it matters, is to put Setta on the 9G and let the newbie finish the year for us.

That is a good sign. Hopefully this will motivate Setta. I think Nick`s a good community guy, and he may be injured but I think he blew it against Calgary.

That is the reason we lost, not Porter. Although Porter didn`t play that great either. Kicking is important in the CFL. Right now were fighting for a playoff spot. I hope Nick has a great game against Winnipeg!

Setta easily should've had 3/3. None of those were very far shots and for all of them I believe he was with the wind also. Had he even gone 2/3 we would've won.

I wonder if it is the guy from the Argos(his name escapes me maybe Johnson). The Argos were very high on him coming out of TC and he had beaten Medlock out of the job. I really like Nick Setta but he has been very inconsistent this year and really cost the team a few times. If he is hurt then he should shut it down for the year and take another "kick" at it next year in TC.

I feel for Nick as he is struggling but the team comes first. If we can better our on field product we have to. We've had five bad years and this year we've lost a couple we should have won. :cowboy:

Isn't it strange how we blame a kicker for losing a game for us. Yet we don't blame a receiver for not catcing a ball that would have won the game. Or we don't blame the QB for missing a wide open receiver that would have won us the game. Or we don't blame an O lineman for missing a block that put us out of FG range. Yet we blame the kicker for losing the game for us, its strange when you think about it.

Don't you get it mikem? On this site, SOMEBODY is always to blame...

That being said, if Setta had made one more kick, we wouldn't be having this discussion...

This had to be done ..With Nick Fading ..

If it's a back injury Setta should shut it down for the year. It's not a nice permanent injury to live with and playing at this stage might cause permanent damage.

Yes we do. Remember the Bauman threads a few weeks ago or the James the week before.

The difference ALL of those players play for 60 mins a games with a 100 plays to make or break it.
Setta plays for 2 mins and 35 secs and is only good for about 1 min and 40 sec of that.

With a dropped pass or missed receiver or bad blocking, the most it could have done was extend the drive. Who know what would have happened after that.

With missing a field goal, it's a chance that you can actually get points. The other plays don't get you points unless a drop in the endzone but in the close games that we have lost missed field goals cost us the game.

Sorry, Mikem.

I hate to play the blame game but this time, its justified. The way our defense played against Calgary. We didnt need a lot of points. Those two missed field goals from 35 and 43 yards. Also, his placements were off on his punting. A couple times instead of going for the tie score with a single, chose to try and place the ball deep with no avail. We ended up getting a 15, no yard penalty. Sometimes the ineffectiveness of one player can cost us the game. I hope Nick learns from this game, and comes through in the clutch next time.

I have full confidence that Nick will keep his job and bounce back fully from his injury. Coach B seems to agree with me.

I wish O'Billovich good luck finding a kicker who can do both jobs (as Drew mentioned) and do it as well or better than Setta.

While I understand the fact that it's easy to point the finger at the kicker because he missed a couple of field goals that could have won us the game, there is something to be said for scoring effing touchdowns so that your kicker isn't always in that position. People seem to be blind to the fact that we have consistently struggled punching the ball into the endzone from inside the 30. That certainly isn't Nick's fault.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Duncan O'Mahny who was brougt in. He would be my choice.

The reality is, it would be a miracle if Obie can find
an out of work player north or south of the border

who can brush up his game in a few days

to be able to outdo Nick right now at all 3 jobs
of punting, kicking field goals and kick offs.

Even if a Canadian can perform better
than Nick right now at one of his jobs

playing him would cost us
a Canadian roster spot.


What the Spectator football reporter Drew Edwards said

Despite what's being said publicly, I think it's very unlikely that anyone else

other than Setta will kick for the Cats this year.

Finding an import who can kick field goals,
kickoff and punt decently is a tall order

  • Americans tend to specialize.

The other standard CFL set up is
import FG kicker and Canadian punter

but non-import punters don't grow on trees either.

Unless Setta completely falls apart or Obie has
found the second coming of Setta, 2007-2008 edition,

I would imagine the Cats will stick with Nick for the rest of the season.

Next season... well, that's another story.

If they are planning to stick with Nick for the rest of the season, then why bring in a guy now and pay him, albeit a small salary, to be on the PR?

I think you bring in a kicker, see how he is in practice this week and next and then activate him for next Sunday's game against Montreal.

I think the 2 turnovers (by Porter) while on Calgarys side of the field Cost us the game just as much Nick Settas missed Field goals Just think even if Nick missed the field goals we would've won 16-15.