Jeremiah Masoli

Disappointed ? Sure, how can you not be but how can one be shocked ? The only thing shocking was Stein leaving him and that's a seperate discussion.

Said it a hundred times and at that risk of sounding like a hater or a fairweather fan it has to be said again. Masoli is who/what he is . A middling, only occasionally good QB. That is all.

Fans have let go of the myth that the slate can be cleaned and he turns into a legit reliably effective QB. He will never be because he's not.

Seriously, fans, accept this and let it go.


He overthrows receivers then adjusts by underthrowing and the DB's knock down the passes. Soon as TSN said 150 passes w/o interception, I knew it was the kiss of death

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A middling, only occasionally good QB. That is all.



Whose better though? Collaros maybe? I mean, we had Collaros on our team, and we know how that ended.

I feel Masoli's strongest critics have this delusion that they think perfection is achievable in the CFL. Maybe short term perfection can be a thing, we saw it with Collaros for a short time before a major injury. We saw it with Masoli for a bit.

Long term perfection? I can think of 3 instances in my lifetime of long term CFL successes. The Doug Flutie Argos, the Cavillo Als (had him too) and BLM with Calgary most recently.

Point is, when Masoli does well, we hear the excuses as to why he did well. Weak opponents, great surrounding cast, etc.

When he does poorly, it's cause he's exposed for the fraud he is.

I'm not a Masoli booster by any stretch, but I like to take a more tempered view.

I think in the CFL, with QBs, you find one that has the tools and stick with him. Some years you'll put together the team, coaching and play calling to have it all come together, other years you wont. Your QB will look better and worse along with these ebbs and flows, but if he doesn't even have the tools for the good times, you have no chance.

To illustrate the point. Collaros, Burris, Trevor Harris, Calvillo, Maas, just some of the QBs that have moved around the league and looked amazing some years on some teams and not so much on other teams.

Just look around the league, there aren't many QBs I'd pick over Masoli right now.

Masoli isn't as bad as his worst critics say he is, and he's not as good as his biggest supporters say he is. He is frustrating, but he can win in the CFL as well.

Again, perfection is rare in this secondary leauge of ours, just the way it is with that other football league. Masoli hasn't shown hes that, but there's a long list of QBs in this league that were tried out by multiple teams and failed to amount tob anything. Masoli is certainly better then that.

I'd have think anyone of BC, Edm, Tor, Ott and Mtl would be more then happy to have Masoli under centre for them.

All that said, I'd like to see Evan's take helm the rest of the season. I think he has an edge....not a chasm, an edge over Masoli... currently.

I do wonder, if Dane is our future QB, how long will it take for the critics to turn on him when things go sideways. This being the CFL, I'd have to think he'll have his share as downs as well...unless he can reach that rarified level of long term success that's so elusive in the CFL.


Reilly, BLM, and Collaros top the list.
Fajardo couldn't be any worse.


So if you find A QB that takes you to the cup you should stick with him. :thinking:

...But , but he did have another 300 yd passing game , in the rain no less . Surely that has to count for something ?


Evans tops my list, although I did feel that Collaros should have been given a chance under June Jones' offence.

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I agree. But we all know what our opinions are worth...

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Rielly isn't going to be in playoffs this year. BLM has looked as inconsistent as Masoli. We had Collaros, went 0-8, he moved on, Sask, Tor and finally Winnipeg and won a championship.

That's my point, there's going to be ups and downs with these QBs, the exceptions are Flutie, Calvillo and BLM (but hes even mortal this year) oh and I forgot Ricky Ray. But that's it.

What I'm hearing is Masoli isn't one of those rare for the CFL QBs, so we don't want him. But he is a pretty damn good QB. We just so happen to be lucky enough to have a really great 2nd option with Dane. We're spoiled.

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I think the issue is our injuries this year and (I'm guessing) having to adjust our plays because of said injuries. Coaching, management inability to add positions we need are bigger factors then the QB this year imo.


I don’t think Masoli is a bad QB and he has his moments. Pretty good arm, great running ability but I think Evans is better. It’s time to give Evans his shot now.


I agree, I think after today the team needs a shot in the arm with a QB change. I just think the constant Masoli criticism is over the top and I was attempting to put things in perspective.

There's a very real possibility in a few years time Dane's our QB and were losing our next Grey Cup to the Masoli lead Lions or Elks. Hopefully not of course.


My opinion on both QB's, We have 2 very different style QB's. One is a mobile QB the other is a Pocket Passer.

Masoli is great at the run, can scramble good for short throws, has a good arm but seems to be very inaccurate at longer distance, and sometimes doesn't make the best judgement on who to throw too. (Throwing into coverage etc)

Evans, , if I recall correctly Has a great arm, ok mobility good at the deep ball!

Problem is coaching! The OC has no idea how to utilize Masoli, not trying to make excuses for him I too am not happy with his play! But the way Condell calls the offense Evans should be in! Stop trying to force one QB to play like the other! Build your offense around Masoli's strength create plays for him, not these stupid long bombs that go nowhere, and keeping him in the pocket passing position!


Well we aren't that spoiled because we're truly too stupid to use him . If anything we are total morons for NOT using him simple fact being is that we don't realize how spoiled we actually are .


I'm with you, I hope we see Dane going forward. I just think with a full season,it wont turn out to be the magic elixir some think it will be.


Dane Evans is the best quarterback on the roster. Nothing else needs to be said.


Can you break this down for me like I've never watched football before?

How about the guy stapled to our bench? He came in after Masoli went down in 2019 and our team got even better. Masoli sucks, full stop. It's time to move on from him.


Hottest QB in the league has an off game due to a somewhat surprising ill advised gameplan.
Offense really missed Don Jackson.

Masoli is the 2021 QB choice of Coach O.
Just maybe if Cats clinch home field will Evans get a game.
Love it, hate it, or just accept it.
It is written in stone.