Jeremiah Masoli - The Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the World!

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Well, some here will dispute it, but he (to borrow a phrase from Jamie Campbell) acquited himself nicely last night. I like that he took off a few times. A couple times it was ill advised and got sacked and couple of times he managed some good yards on the pickup. Scored a rushing TD in garbage time and proved good decision making. Is this the crowning of Jeremiah Masoli?

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Disclaimer - I am a Masoli supporter, first and foremost. But I think we have to temper ourselves a wee bit yet. Beating Montreal was a must win for us, and although they are still a Rich Stubler defence, remember, it was still Montreal, and Manziel is, for all his past glories, still a CFL rookie.

Having said that, I did like to see the Cats, and Jeremiah, put the squeeze on the Als!

I hear ya, Palmer. Als aren't as bad as people think. Short of betting the farm, I'm saying the Als upset the RedBlacks next week. You heard it here first (and probably last.)

Are you for real ? ??? :o

Once again bobo we agree. This is getting scary LOL 8)

8)Do you believe in Unicorns ?? ;D

We still haven't seen the Cats punish an opposing defence for aggressive blitzing. I'm on the Masoli bandwagon, but we've yet to see him thrive against a talented front seven that brings a lot of heat.

Unfortunately, it appears that Masoli panics when the heat is on. Hopefully he gets over it and soon. By the way, I assume you know I’m not on that bandwagon. Just want the TiCats to win and bring home the Grey Cup and I don’t care if it’s Masoli or Dane Evans who delivers it.

This place was doing so well last night... I actually thought we all knew that it was Montreal.
Silly me.

Great win, but let's be realistic. How many almost picks did Masoli throw yesterday? Maybe he took greater risks with such a big lead. But a better opponent would have taken full advantage of some of those passes.

Good on the cats and Masoli for the big win, now let's repeat that aganist the better teams.

With apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer:

O somewhere down on Cannon East, the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing 'Stipleys', and on Balsam hearts are light,
On Beechwood men are laughing, and on Melrose children shout,
But there is no joy in Manzielville, Johnny Footballhas struck out.

Some funny replies (***some not so funny or thoughtful have been deleted - the mods) . I'm completely serious. Montreal is beating Ottawa next week. JohnnyFootball, you can surely have what I'm smoking, but you probably can't afford it! LOL .. Maybe Manziel can lend you some money.. LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Crash, I'm telling you, they're gonna beat Ottawa next week. Vernon Adams has something to say....

Johnny, at my age the description is probably ‘senility’.

Come on ! Casey at the Bat is certainly a fitting choice by Palmer . Well done sir. Your wit and wisdom are appreciated.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

See you were doing pretty good until that last sentence. Now you are just going to rile up all the Pontius Pilates and Judases. :wink:

Not too far behind you LOL :wink:

WOW!!! :o

No way RBs get beat next week. Not after that loss to Argos! They will be all over Mtl!

Here is your stupid assumption. Never called you stupid just your assumptions. Now show me where I was being assumptive. ::slight_smile:

Probably not my best attempt at allegory and humour. Not intended to be personal. I'm sure you're doing fine. Where you were being assumptive is you mistook my comment as an insult which it was not. I said Als was going to beat Ottawa next week. That may be a stupid assumption on my part but we won't know until after game time. If it happens, will be my best prediction yet.