Jeremiah Masoli pulled a Cam Newton

He didn't want to dive into the scrum to try to recover his fumble when it was still up for grabs.

6 Turnovers and no one calling for his head on here like they did with Geoff Tisdale smh


GIVE IT A REST! :rockin:

Really? A QB who has won us games, or a guy we picked up off the free agent pile to plug a hole...

Some of the stuff you say on here really makes me scratch my head.

Tisdale had 1 off game with 4 days to be ready no training camp and a QB who has 6 turnovers and has taken 95% of the reps since training camp opened nuff said Mazoli is mazola with the football and it has been his mo since day 1 he can not protect the rock

hard to disagree with this.

Masoli is now in his 5th year of CFL ball seeing action in about 16-17 games now (10 as starter I believe) and yet still cannot grasp (literally) the concept of ball protection not to mention having capricious accuracy skills.

to be fair he does maneuver well and can be used for wildcat and short yardage packages but even then ball protection remains suspect.

unfortunately, without Zach this team is bust.

Has Tisdale been picked up since he was cut?

Gee, do you suppose his performance in that game and the past two years speaks for itself?

Masoli has the talent if given the right package to execute. Play action. Run the ball. He is a big man and look how well he ran the ball in 2014? He is not a 100% drop back passer. he can get 300 yards, but inevitably makes a mistake when he drops back too much.

I guess you missed the Calgary game that year?

Yeah. That was shameful, and I thought the exact same thing when he wussed out on it.

It is very telling of where Mathews is now on the depth chart according to Austin.
Remember, Mathews lost his backup job to Masoli because of too many turnovers!
In the first half we were constantly 2 and outs, leaving the defence on the field way too long on an extremely hot night.

Masoli is a read option QB (and is pretty darn good at it), that has now become a pocket QB, :? :? :?
The only reason for that I can think of is that Austin does not want him to run and possibly get hurt.(so diving into a pile for a fumble is taboo)
If Masoli hands the ball to Gable and 2 Bombers tackle him 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage, (which happened a few times) it is not the QB's fault or the RB's fault, it is a blocking problem.
Losing our Oline coach Rudolph may be just as big of a loss as losing our OC Condell
If Masoli was playing read/option he would have pulled the ball away from Gable at the last second and ran around the vacant edge or rolled out of the pocket to pass. doing this a few times would keep some defence in their positions because they would have to cover it.

Masoli ran 3 times for carries of 11 yards, 15 yards and 5 yards.

BTW, watching Bakari Grant making big plays for Calgary yesterday after watching Underwood dropping a perfect TD pass, right in his hands. :cry:

Rant is over, I don't feel better. :wink:

Yup , I just watched the replay and Masoli looked like he wanted nothing to do with that loose ball. It was a half-hearted effort on his part to say the least. Let's face facts here folks and those facts are that Masoli is a barely serviceable 2nd stringer at best, will never ever be close to being a 1rst stringer and unfortunately he is all we got until Zach comes back.
This team I'm afraid to say is going nowhere and fast this season as long as Collaros is on the sidelines. We might beat the Dirty Birds next week but after that we have Edmonton , Winnipeg and BC all on the road , personally I don't like our chances of being any better than 2-5 when we play our next game at home against the Riders. If Zach isn't back by then it might just be to late for this team this season with Masoli at the controls.

70.2% of Jeremiah Masoli's passes are intended for Andy Fantuz, Chad Owens or Luke Tasker. 1.8% separates the three of them.

Masoli no doubt needs to hang on to the ball and secure it right away, lets remember Masoli has 5 years in the league under his belt, he knows Austin's system well, he should be able to execute and make it happen.

The other problem is our offensive line, they have not played up to expectations early in this season, I thought this was supposed to be an off-season challenge to build a better, stronger O-line to protect the QB's and open the holes for Gable and others in the backfield?

As a team the first game in Toronto the Cats came out strong, looked great just in about every area, than dropped like a stone through water.

The last two games have produced a failing grade certainly at QB and on the O-Line, hopefully some changes will be made prior to Montreal this week.


BTW, watching Bakari Grant making big plays for Calgary yesterday after watching Underwood dropping a perfect TD pass, right in his hands. :cry:

Grant dropped a game winning TD in the end zone very late in the 4th quarter vs the Redblacks. Doesn't let Tiquan off the hook but I didn't see much out of Bakari that whole game in Ottawa.

Have to disagree - Masoli started in only TWO games last season and TWO games the year before. I only recall him being involved in one game in 2013 late in the season vs Montreal and coming in to relieve J Harris on one game in Ottawa last year . That makes a total of six (maybe 7 games if I'm off a bit) that he's been in and only four starts - previous to this season (not including preseason) - far from your 10 starts and 16-17 game involvement.

Well you are definately forgetting one game that I will never forget as I believe it was the first time at least I saw Masoli in in action on the field as a Ti-Cat against Edmonton in July 2014.

It was the game that Zach went down from that dirty cheap shot to the facemask from Odell Willis (the hit that the TSN analysts said was clean :roll: )

I remember the game not just for the hit, but the fact that Masoli literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by going 5/18 for 118 yards & 1 TD but more importantly 2 costly 4th quarter turnovers.

Ball security was an issue with him then as it continues to be now.

Note that I DID say 6 or seven if I was off a bit so I obviously missed one game, which I acknowledged might be the case. That's still more accurate than the 16-17 games that you claim he's played in.

I understand that you made the claim that you were perhaps off an appearance or 2, however I was not the one that claimed the higher appearances by Masoli either.

I was just throwing my 2 cents in by mentioning a game that not only stood out to me, but foreshadowed who Masoli would be.

Do I think Mathews should start? I feel it's a case of pick your poison myself. Mathews totally lacks confidence and Masoli can't retain the ball.

I stand by one thing though, we all want Masoli to be good to the point we are obscuring obvious issues.

In 5 years he will go the way of Timmy Chang and Ritchie Williams.

I'm pretty sure that you are referring to the last play of the game , with zeros on the clock. Why would anyone risk injury on a play that was essentially dead? I get that you're not a fan of our quarterback but most of us would probably prefer to have healthy quarterbacks for the rest of the season. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)