Jeremiah Masoli extended

Expected great news confirmed:

Surprise, surprise. Now onto the Johnny Football gong show.

Great backup.

Good news, expected news, I would have preferred 3 years but all good!

I find it sad that Jeremiah signs a new 2-year deal and the main page gives this news a less-than-10% space, as second item, compared to the 24-hr. old news headline that Collaros was traded for a 2nd round pick.

I was too quick, I guess, on this. Happy now to see the main page story line-up has been updated and reversed, as it should be. :smiley:

Great news. Jeremiah will be excellent again this year. I'm very glad he's staying, and look forward to 2018 being a very good year.

Why no info on terms?
How much $$$$?
Is it front-loaded?
Does Masoli get a BASE salary, and then Bonus money for things like:

  • how many wins
  • did we get to be 1st in the Division?
  • how many TDs thrown?
  • Total # of yards/season
  • did we make the Playoffs?
    so many questions; so little time...

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

Also just want to add....
  • Re-sign June Jones -Check
  • TRADE Collaros rather than release -Check
  • Get rid of the contract without paying the bonus -Check
  • Get value considering the contract -Check
  • Trade him far away so can't burn us in the East -Check

Would love to hear the Kent Austin haters chime in on this one.... hard to argue his offseason so far.

  • Re-sign Masoli - Check
  • Re-sign Speedy- Check

Hey Ti-Cats wake up

Have not seen any official post on Speedy but I am sure it's happening.

He'd better be.... Cause it's all on June Jones if he isn't.

More great moves by Kent Austin.

I think June Jones spilling the beans is official enough for me.

Jones had been asked whether, with a full off-season and training camp to work with, how much thicker this year’s playbook would be than last year’s keep-it-simpler approach.
“Jeremiah was starting to get a real good understanding of the concepts and the receivers were starting to buy into it too, so I think we can take it to the next level,? Jones answered before adding:

“We got Speedy signed also, and I’m excited about putting all that together. And really starting where we left off.?


He's a great backup. That is all......................

Seems his only skills are to step up, take on the job, and win more than he loses? Can you say that about how many other QBs we had in town lately?