Jeremiah Glenn? (Masoli's Legacy)

In looking at where Masoli falls within Ticats history and the point that has been well established (that he's a .500 QB) , I realized that we had another .500 QB here not so long ago. Mr Glenn.

When looking over the 2 sets of stats here's what they look like, its actually pretty interesting how close they are:

Glenn - 3 Seasons as Starter
12,150 yards at 63% Completion
70 TD / 41 INT
26-28 Team record - lost 2 EDSF and Lost 2 EDF (0 Grey Cups)

Masoli - 2017 Half way / 2021 as Starter (50 or so total starts)
.500 Record (didnt bother to look up the actual number)
15,555 yards (career)
80 TD / 51 INT (career)
Won 2 EDSF / Lost 1 EDF and Pulled in another EDF (Played in GC in relief)

Are these not basically the same guy? Comparing the 2 would be very relevant from a "legacy" perspective.

The difference is obvious, 1 is a hired gun and the other is home grown. Both have had challenges getting their team to the big game, both have had problems winning the key games and both are seen as "another .500 QB"

Is there a better comparison from a strictly football perspective?

Where do we rank him all time in Ticat land? (Better than Casey Printers we can all agree on)

Better than Burris?

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About the same. I give Jeremiah a slight edge for superior sportsmanship over the pantload Burris.


I’d rank Masoli ahead of Glenn. Better arm. Better runner imo. Once Masoli got over some of his nervousness and jitters in his first couple of starts, he seemed to settle in and take a lot better care of the football.
Neither guy reacted well to the blitz but I’d say Glenn seemed more prone to tossing up the big pick 6’s with his patented Chuck and duck throwing motion. Glenn was a more polished product coming over to us after three or four years as starter in Winnipeg, Masoli had to grow into it so we saw a lot more of his growing pains.


Its a matter of perception.
Since fortunes were so low it felt like Glenn might take us somewhere, which he did, the playoffs.
But with Masoli playoffs were expected so he felt like a bigger disappointment.


Glenn came in coming off 3-15, Masoli took over for 0-8.

But because he was here it felt different.

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Masoli ahead of Glenn.
1-Eight seasons
2-Worked his way up from PR to starter
3- 2015 playoffs , almost lead us to cup.
4-2016, 22 completions in a row, Edmonton comeback
5-2017, 6-4 record after being promoted
6-2018 East MOP 5200 yards
7-Recovered from major injury to become starter again
8-2021 Grey Cup performance

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Never liked Glenn as a QB.
The major difference between how we view them is Masoli's longevity on the Tiger-Cats. From essentially a throw-in on the Simoni trade, we saw him work his arse off over a number of years and worked his way to a starting position (with the assistance of a Head Coaching change). New HC, new offence, and he was able to perform -better- than he did in the past.
8-10 the next year, while racking up 300-yd games that ended up in losses. Same mistakes (poor decisions, wild throws under pressure, inability to throw a screen pass, etc).
Another Head Coaching change, another OC, and suddenly he's playing at an MOP-level. I was ecstatic. We were blowing teams out of the water. Then he got hurt, and I thought our season was done. How wrong I was...

Ineffective in his first two games this season (not all his fault, we had no O-line, an new Centre, new receivers, horrendous kicking/punting, etc) until he got cracked ribs on a hit. Dane comes in and plays well - until HE takes a hit and injures an oblique. Luckily, the entire coaching staff and team switched the Offence to a RPO-style to suit Watford's (limited" skill set, and we eked-out a couple of wins.
Masoli then plays well enough to get us past the EDSF, and then FINALLY gets benched for Dane in the EDF - which HE won (even though he suffered an injury that eventually saw him leave the GC). We all know what happened next - close, but not good enough.

Just like Kevin Glenn. Just HOW MANY interceptions did he throw in the end-zone over his career? THAT'S what I hated most about his play...

This guy is a fan of JM.

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He is, or at least was, a big fan of a certain other qb with the same initials.


His decision in 2017 was..... Predetermined.

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It's funny - as I typed JM I was thinking there was a time when those initials had double-meaning and I honestly didn't remember the other guy (aka JF).

Exactly HOW successful was JJ? Under .500, I believe...

Every players career has influences, I think June Jones helped get him to that "next level" which we saw in 2018 and then the start of 2019.
He went from capable backup to bonafide starter.
So I guess Jones can say he did something while he was here besides punt from the 36 to give BC possession on the 35.

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Absolutely. Masoli had some great personal in front of him but still managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Sometimes a QB needs to be a leader and pull guys up. Of course team talent matters but the QB can give you that extra little bit.
The 2012 Argos are a great example of a 9-9 team with a hall of fame, great QB in Ray.
We've seen many examples of good teams winning the GC with great QBs almost making the team believe.

Like Glenn I'm not confident Masoli has that in him. If you give him great talent he'll figure it out but I'm not sure he can pull an average team to the promised land, as evident in 2021.

Burris seemed to have that ability, leading Ottawa to a win as a heavy underdog, with a losing record.

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June Jones

To Jeremiah ….maybe the best QB I have coached!!!…and I have had a few great ones!!!..Congrats on ur new contract ….will be watching more games again this year!!..enjoy the family and get ready to ball again…Aloha Coach June

He coached Ryan Leaf..... :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And Ottawa set a CFL record - 4 X 1,000 yard receivers two years in a row. Four great receivers but it still depends on a great QB to get them the ball and an O-line to protect the QB

Yeah I think the point is up until they won the Grey Cup they were just a .500 team with some great weapons. Burris put that team on his back and gutted out a great performance with like 475 yds passing against a great Calgary team. Burris did not have a good season before that game.

Not quite sure Kevin Glenn does that.