When interviewing Copeland after the game it sounds like he is a free agent,if that is the case we have to get him signed july 1st, wherever he goes he puts up the numbers. Is there any other big name free agents out there that would interest us?

How about TO? He might become available. Of course, the way he is dropping balls with the Boys this year, not sure anyone would want him if he is available. :wink:

Everybody in this league has a GO TO GUY with some size that REALLY wants the ball and will fight for it when it`s thrown up !!!!! Everybody but US that is !!!!!

Copeland is a headcase. He and Lewis both are a couple of showboats I would gladly not have on this team. I don't care how good he is, he's poison in my opinion.

He`s not poison when he is in the top 3 in yardage and receptions !!!!

They have the right to demand the ball and be cocky because they work twice as harder as everyone else to be as good as they are. Guys who have average ability had better do what they're told, and say all the right things, and you definitely don't win with a bunch of average role players you need players like Copeland etc.

The CFL should clean up on the show boating.

Calgary maybe a good team but the silly dances after every touchdown is just getting out of hand. (it makes the league look mickey mouse)

I am glad to see Calgary & Winnipeg out of the play-offs just for this very reason.

The dances were entertaining and creative, but of coarse the league will ban them, to go along with their other changes they'll be making like the return team will no longer be allowed to make any kind of blocks, front or side, and they want to get the weight of the up to about 50 pounds and screw with the airo dynamics even more so that every pass will resemble a wounded duck which should help the league attract even more bushwackers to games with their moose horns that everyone loves so much.

You don't have to worry about the league becoming less entertaining folks, headquarters is working around the clock to make sure it happens

Clearly he was not good enough to lead them to the western finals.

I want him here! He's a great player and a great entertainer. And the tiger cats are all about great players and entertainment at their games aren't they? Plus with Desjardins as his former assisant gm, who knows?

Actually Copeland is 9th in yardage, 14th in # of receptions, and tied for 6th in receiving TD's.

Hes a top 3 reciever in the CFL no question and id take him on our team any day !!!! He is head and shoulders above DJ FLICK !!!!

the dances were creative and entertaining?
is this the WWE or CFL?

With the right leadership to keep his attitude in check, signing him wouldn't be a bad move. The man has talent.

He may be brash, but I don't recall hearing about him complaining (like Princess Brazzell). His cockiness is probably amplified playing with the likes of Lewis and Rambo.

But head and shoulders above DJ? Arguable.

If his receiving stats show him 9th, 14th, and 6th..where does him being a top3 reciever come from?? Is that the new math??

CAHOON IS A FREE AGENT after this playoffs....word in calgary is he might go there to be closer to his utah home...

if this is true, then hes not 100% commited to montreal and the ticats would have some small shot at him.

I don't think we should sign Copeland, but we do need to bring in some tall, fast American receivers. We haven't had a tall receiving corps since Tony Champion was in town.

if this is true, then hes not 100% commited to montreal and the ticats would have some small shot at him.
Yes..because Hamilton is SOOOO much closer to Utah than Montreal.

Top notch receivers want to go to teams with top notch QBs. The jury's still out in Hamilton about whether they have one of those or not so I don't think the Coplands, Cahoons, et al will be coming here until they believe that there's a Cats QB who can get the ball to them.

An ARgo fan

why doesn't hamilton do a reality show and have auditions from around the world for a QB and at the end of the series the winner receives a shot at ticat football camp.