Jeremaine Copeland retires

after 11 seasons, 10,000 yards and 2 grey cup rings, Copeland has called it a career.
was fun watching him, specifically in a stamps uniform, as i never got to see him in an als jersey.

should clear a nice chunk of cap-space for the argos.

arash madani tweeted that cope is the new receivers coach for the hamilton tigercats.
also being reported on the hamilton spectator's website.

That hire has Cortez's Calgary connections all over it. Good on Jermaine, a classy guy and a great receiver at his physical peak. I'll always remember him recovering Edmonton's attempted on-side kick in the dying moments of the 2002 Grey Cup, ensuring Montreal's first championship in 25 years. :thup:

He has now joined Tiger-Cats staff as WR coach

A good decision for JC, he had a great career in Montreal and Calgary while pretty much being done with the Argos.

How can someone who has never coached in their life be promoted over hundreds of CIS coaches who have coached all of their lives.... Lets put the C back into CFL... time for a Canadian content rule for coaches.....Howabout a coaches salary cap while we're at it....
It would be interesting who made more money, Jermaine Copeland(star receiver) or Jermaine Copeland (entry level coach)... chances are it is around the same.

Just because you coached in the CIS doesn't mean you're an auto great, ie Marcel Bellefeuille.Copeland is an all time great receiver that is dedicated, intelligent, has worked in Cortez's offence before, and most importantly knows first hand what Burris wants outta his WR's.That's why he was hired over a CIS coach.

Great to see this influx of young guys getting into coaching and scouting after retiring.

I'm pretty sure Copeland won't be making as much money as a receivers coach anyways. As for CIS head coaches, the good ones (those who could be candidates for CFL positions) make more money than the average position coach in the CFL. Not that attractive for a coach.

Co-ordinator, head coach, gm, etc. that's a different story.

I think the assumption that Copeland "has never coached" is where you're going wrong. Many CFL players that display personal quality, skill and leadership have already done plenty of defacto coaching. A position coach in the CFL isn't about the basics it is about pro-level nuances that only experience as a pro-receiver brings. What is being looked for in a position coach is an ability to pass on that knowledge.

lets not start on CIS coaches now…

the HC at U of S has it good, why would he want to leave that???

Cortez is trying to put Burris in a position to succeed. Smart move IMO. Get Henry working with his old running buddy from Calgary, install an offense tailored to his strengths, and let Jermaine mentor Hamilton's young receivers.