Jerel Myers

Jerel Myers starts tonight in place of injured Tony Simmons. In training camp Myers won the starting short side outside reciever spot and Simmons began the year as the fifth receiver. However, he wasn't thrown to in his first two games and was replaced on the roster for an extra linebacker when Kidd returned. Simmons started in his place.

Simmons was a strong, experienced reciever with great speed. I was sad to see him hurt and am glad he looks like he will recover from what looked to be a devastating injury. Myers is smaller, but also a speedster who runs great routes. I hope Dickenson gets him the ball early this game, that we make him a threat, and also see what he can do.

If the Leos ever decided, instead of having Armour as an extra linebacker, to insert both Simmons and Myers into the offensive roster when Simmons returns, I believe you would have the most potent set of recievers ever with Simon, Clermont, Thelwell, Jackson, Myers, and Simmons. It would be a nightmare for defensive backs.

The Leos, however, seem intent on having the extra import on defence in case of injury to one of the linebackers. In this situation they still can bring in Locket or Anderson as an extra receiver until Simmons returns. One thing that is obvious....the Leos have a lot of depth this year on both sides of the ball.

Great insight as aways Bliz...

It seems CP likes Myers as he has world class speed,. which allows Casey an early gain quickly, and they seem to share the common situation as back up depth...

Pretty nice back up! :smiley: