Jerald Brown DPOW ! Congratulations

Jerald what a comeback story!

Pay Jerald ! :rockin:

Il était temps que Brown récolte la reconnaissance de son excellent travail. Félicitations à Jerald, il ne l'a pas volé!

Il est malheureux que Billy Parker n'ait pas eu droit au même traitement cette saison. Si Parker a eu moins de coups d'éclat, c'est en bonne partie parce que les adversersaires n'osent presque plus lancer dans son coin. Peut-on avoir plus de respect que ça?

Well done, Jerald! So glad to be proven wrong. I thought he was washed up at the end of last season, but he's making me eat my words.

Having said that, he's on an exceptional run right now where he's "guessing" right. Brown's a gambler, plain and simple. A guy like Billy Parker doesn't have the flashy stats because he simply throws a blanket over his receiver; with Parker's size, he can match up against any slot in the league and hold his own. Brown is smaller and relies on his recovery speed and football instincts. He frequently peeks in the backfield and gambles. On his first INT against Edmonton, he undercuts the ball to come up with the pick, but if Reilly puts some touch on that ball instead of trying to knife it in there, it's a TD because there is NOBODY supporting Brown in coverage on that play and he was in trail position on the receiver.

I don't care who you are or how good your offense is. No one wants to face our defense right now. There are playmakers all over the field, they've bought into Thorpe's system, and they are flying around with swagger and hitting HARD. If I'm a QB, the last thing I want to see pre-snap is Hebert, Cox, Emry, and Edem on the line of scrimmage. :smiley:

Yes both Brown and Parker are really functioning well this season. These two represent Popp's ability to find great players, at least when he put all his efforts into such activity. I do hope Popp will be able to again perform these duties on a full time basis for 2014.

BTW, if you click TSN's Sounds of the Game this week, you'll hear a mic'ed up John Bowman offering some pretty awesome trash-talk.