Jennings Not A Starting Calibre QB

As I've explained for the past two seasons, Jennings is not a pro level QB. Can't read coverage, mediocre arm and poor accuracy.

Other than a miraculous 35yd prayer on the opening drive, Jennings did absolutely nothing against Toronto. Buono finally had no choice but to bench him in favour of the guy with a broken wing.

It's just a matter of time until Jennings becomes 1st string clipboard holder.

How many threads are you going to start about this game? Wait until labour day when your team is fighting for last place in the east.

Ray had a decent game last night but I'm wondering about his arm strength. His receivers had to come back to get the longer passes all night.

That was my concern two years ago. I really hope I'm wrong, but his career looks to be finished.

To be fair he has always passed with a get under it approach instead of zipping it in . He has been successful because of his ball placement . His deep ball is suspect now but the last two weeks he showed he can throw the sideline go route better than most QB's in this league . He just needs to stop the wide side throws , throwing while in full stride and making sure he is placing the deep ball over the proper shoulder like he did last night successfully .

Is it just me or does it appear Willy had real troubles placing the ball deep as well . He had most of his success quick short throws and timing patterns .

Both Willy and Masoli coughed up the ball deep in scoring position due to not picking up the rush / moving laterally , throwing it away or even accepting the sack . Both looked like rookies at that moment and I am sure are embarrassed today for the lost composure .