Jenkins is NOT the right guy!

So now there is this talk that John Jenkins will be the next head coach for the Gades. Man, if he couldn't hold down a job in Calgary, what can we expect from him here? And what has his track record as a US scout proven? I didn't see any earthshattering additions to the team since September! This just doesn't seem like the right move. It sure isn't going to help sell season tickets :!:

Who the hell is John Jenkins ? He's never been a head coach, he is eccentric, he was fired last year in Calgary as Offensive Coordinator after the 6th game because he had an unbalanced offence. He did not run the ball. That's all we need in Ottawa, unbalanced ownership, unbalanced GM (Forrest Gump), unbalanced new coach, John Jenkins and an unbalanced offence, the Run N' F#$%^#^ Shoot offence. GREAT. OTTAWA WON'T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS NEXT YEAR . Figures, Ottawa hires a reject. I thought the Goobermen were going to be different this time around according to Lonie Gooberman. Please, move the team to Windsor and bring back the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Why are people so quick to jump all over the guy when he hasn’t even been named head coach? Just cause you read it in the papers, doesn’t mean it is going to happen like that.

Have you been living under a rock ? Gliberman has admitted to signing Jenkins to a contract to coach next year. It has been reported(The Citizen, the Team 1200, CFL on CBC) that Jenkins has been recruiting a coaching staff.

If they announce Jenkins officially I will not get tix nex year.

I'm pissed off and frustrated. Why should I commit to a team that is not showing signs of committing - long term to winning.

Greg Marshall, Kent Austin, Danny Barrett, Bob Ob' - somebody who's going to shift our thoughts to winning.

Sorry guys, I'm usually not negative but if they don't do something right in my eyes this offseason... my dollars are heading to the Senators...

At the end of the day... I'm the customer... guest... and customers always right...

Guy that should get the job. Matbe some of you CFLers will remember Frank Spaziani, great defensive coordinator. Will have the Rens flying around. Coach Calgary and Winnipeg around 1994 to 1998. Put Boston College's defense on the map.

I'll wait to see what happens with Jenkins behind the bench, if he is hired.