Jemarcus Russell

So I am hearing that he is definately not signing with The Raiders. Where will he end up? still has him listed as a Raider.

What is the story with that?

I heard he was having trouble agreeing to a contract... Someone was saying he could potentially sit out the rest of the season and re-enter the draft...

Honestly, I hope he does... then in a year's time people will see how overrated he is... :roll:

That's one of the biggest downfalls of the NFL system in place. The draft picks should be limited to a dollar number that's not ridiculous for a first year player.

If he sits out for a year nobody will want him. Except maybe the Raiders, oh wait nevermind.

It should be two years to re-enter the draft.
Three years to become a free agent.

Dust, why restrict it? He's asking for more than he should he'll watch from home. Seems like the system is working, sorta.
Although, it means the Raiders just blew a pick.
I guess I see what yer sayin' now....

My Raiders may not need J-Rock if Culpepper goes back to his old pro-bowl playing days.Still in the long term, this is screwing my team.

I heard they just signed Russell to some type of deal making him the highest paid player out of the draft in league history. Athough I did no research to find out when why or how.

Does anybody know who will start for the raiders this week? Not Josh Mccown I hope!

I can't see it being McCown, he fractured a finger on his throwing hand,and it won't be J-Rock. So my guess is Culpepper.