JeMarcus Russel to Hamilton?

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I didn't know Hamilton owned Russel's rights. I think at least one NFL team will scoop Russel up but interesting they actually mention the CFL on the NFLN. They even manage to get a couple shots in at the CFL. The talk about Hamilton is only the last 25 seconds or so.

What % does everyone else think that JR will end up in Hamilton?

I'll say 1%

You might have missed that this one was beaten to death, dissected, chewed up, and spit and --- out on the following two threads on this forum yesterday.

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I'll admit the analogy is overly crude, but good scoop on his rights in Hamilton though if they take him they deserve the ridicule to come for the rest of the decade for the suckers they'll prove to be. :roll: S

peaking of which, maybe there is a way for the other team in Ontario to take them? :stuck_out_tongue: Oh never mind jk, as I wouldn't wish such misery on ANY CFL team for the good of the league.

0% chance when you examine his past. Once consistently lazy nfw.

Lazy guy, who didn't show any motivation to learn his craft while making 40 million dollars a year.
I doubt he'll be motivated to learn a foreign sport, in a foreign country for much less money.
I doubt he can play quarterback in the CFL, but he may make a decent O-lineman...

Well, he was the first overall NFL pick, so that adds some cache for the Ti-Cats. But if he thinks the CFL will be a cakewalk, he will soon find the CFL is probably more difficult to play QB than in the NFL, as we have seen with so many NFL QB's who fall flat on their faces in CFL tryouts. Factors like the 20 second clock, the wider field, the 12th man who can hide in the weeds for the INT or an extra guy to blitz. Some may argue the defences are better in the NFL, but then so is the pass blocking.

That being said, Russel won't come to the CFL for the money, but it could be just the tonic he needs to reinvigorate his career and get out from the glare of the NFL spotlight. I doubt he could beat out K. Glenn but he could give A. Trafalis a run for the 3rd stringer.

It was $40 million over three years, not just in one. But other than that you're spot on. The guy is lazy and that won't change. If he couldn't bring himself to work when he was making all that dough, I doubt he'll do it when making considerably less.

No way JaMarcus Russell comes here. There are far more fast food joints in the States than there are here. :wink:

If he comes to Hamilton, he could lose his entire fortune if he gets hooked on Tim Horton’s. :lol:

I was just at Timmy's redeeming some Roll Up the Rim tabs, and I noticed they've got a new candy bar...

Candy Bar Supreme: It's over the top - try Tim Hortons' new Candy Bar Supreme featuring M&M's ®. Baked fresh throughout the day, they are dipped in chocolate topping and chopped M&M's ®. Available individually or in boxes of 4 or 8.

He'd probably eat those by the box! :lol:

Yes, I missed that second thread. I think everyone knew he was done when they traded for Jason Cambell.

Thanks Paolo for pointing that out....I guess i'm the JaMarcus Russel of seraching through threads to see if his Hamilton "connection" had been brought up..a bit lazy perhaps :lol:

I have seen Russell play, having watched him for the last three season with the Raiders. Hamilton doesn't want him. He's a slow-footed oaf who can't find open receivers and can't hang on to the ball. For the life of me I can't figure out what scouts EVER saw in that guy.

He could throw the ball 70 yards from his knees. That's what they, literally, saw. Once that happened you knew Al Davis would jump all over him.

trade russel for bishop then.

difference between bishop and jamarcus tho is bishop proved to be a capable reliable all be it underachieving qb in the cfl..
guys with big arms dont neccesarly equate well to the cfl.

calvillo doesnt have the strongest arm, neither does burris or ray or even durant, pierce,glenn,printers annd they are pretty good qb's for the cfl.

bishop sits at about 50 percent cuz he relies on his arm too much.. HUGE INT RATE. dudes got a cannon for any arm but a 2 cent american brain... yeah thats like 3 cents canadian right now but atleast he seemed like he cared when he was playing. Jamarcus russell has proven to just... well, not give a crap cuz he thinks since he has such a cannon... he doesnt have to do much else. Russel looks like he couldnt give 2 craps.. dude would blow in the CFL. but hey, if u guys wanna bring em in to training camp as another qb.. by all means, never hurts i guess to have an extra arm around :slight_smile:

Anytime you throw $40 million at a rookie it takes away most of his incentive. Especially for a guy from the hood. If he doesn't have the innate character or desire to win, then he will be a bust if you set him up for life.

This does not mean he's a complete write off, what is he 24 yrs old? There have been plenty of high draft picks who have bombed in the NFL and have come to the CFL and turned their careers around. It might be worth it to give a player like that an opportunity and if he doesn't perform, he's gone. He will have to start off at the bottom, no CFL team is going to anoint him the starter or even the backup unless he earns it. He could be the next M. Bishop, who has a great winning record in the CFL...and did lead a crummy team like the Bombers to 7 wins last season.

was he the first pick overall? russel i mean.

Yes he was.

Yes, he was picked first in 2007.

might be kinda fun to have a first overal in th CFL again. was Williams the last?

OMG. I just spit my beer onto my laptop screen... Bishop.. in the same sentence as "reliable" and "capable"

Are they burning a big pot bust in Winnipeg??

If you are referring Ricky Williams, he was selected 5th overall, not 1st.